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Meet Our DC Instructors!

Just a few days ago, we opened Soul DC — and we couldn't be happier about bringing SoulCycle to the nation's capital! Get to know more about instructors rocking the podium — and come tap it back with us soon!

DC ROCKSTARS:  From top left: Abby, Natalia, Garrett, Kathleen and Megan

NAME: Abby Effron
HOMETOWN: Greenwich, CT
MOMENT I FELL IN LOVE WITH SOUL: I was hooked from the final sprint home of my very first SoulCycle class. That last rush to the finish is still one of my very favorite feelings. I just can't resist a SOUL high!
WHEN YOU LEAVE MY CLASS, YOU FEEL: Fierce! You just unleashed the most powerful version of yourself, now you're ready to take on whatever comes your way.
IN MY GYM BAG: I always have my MacBook Air, Beats by Dre headphones, skull bandanas, socks, hair ties and a change of SOUL gear.
BIGGEST INSPIRATION: My riders! Their personal stories of strength, healing, and transformation inspires me every single day!
TOP POST-WORKOUT SNACK: I love QuestBars when I am on the go and Acai bowls when I have time to bust out the Vitamix.
FAVORITE WAY TO HYDRATE: I am always drinking a ton of smartwater, coconut water and green juice.
LATEST HEALTHY OBSESSION: Chia seeds! I put them in everything - oatmeal, smoothies, protein pancakes.
CURRENT MANTRA: Do it with passion or not at all!

NAME: Natalia Millan
HOMETOWN: Caracas, Venezuela
MOMENT I FELL IN LOVE WITH SOUL: The first time I sat front row and was able to keep up with the rest of the pack!
WHEN YOU LEAVE MY CLASS, YOU FEEL: Empowered!!! (and sweaty)
IN MY GYM BAG: Blistex DCT (the peach color one) and Benefit Rose-tinted lip & check stain
BIGGEST INSPIRATION: My mom, who has taught me all about dedication, hard work, passion and unconditional love.  She is a very strong and loving woman and I wouldn't be the person that I am today without her in my life!
FAVE POST-WORKOUT SNACK: A smoothie (preferably with peanut butter).
FAVORITE WAY TO HYDRATE: 100% Raw Coconut Water. It's like opening a coconut at a beach back home. It transports me instantly!
LATEST HEALTHY OBSESSION: Sweetgreen… I love that place!
CURRENT MANTRA: The more you give, the more you get!

NAME: Garrett Schlosser
HOMETOWN: Nashville, Tennessee
MOMENT I FELL IN LOVE WITH SOUL: Class #1!  Lucky for me it was with my good friend Chris Layda
WHEN YOU LEAVE MY CLASS, YOU FEEL: A little confused because you've just discovered a part of you that you simply didn't know existed.
IN MY GYM BAG: An extra change of clothes, the stick, ipod, Glutamine, and electrolyte supplements.
BIGGEST INSPIRATION: My father.  I strive every day to be more like him.  
TOP POST-WORKOUT SNACK: I love to reward myself with a peanut butter acai bowl! 
FAVORITE WAY TO HYDRATE: I sweat a lot, so water simply doesn't cut it.  I'm currently using Power Pak.  Put one or two of those in your water and you'll be rehydrated in no time!
LATEST HEALTHY OBSESSION: When I have a long day of teaching, I make myself an energy wrap!   Whole wheat wrap, a banana, peanut butter, granola, and honey! Roll that puppy up and enjoy!
CURRENT MANTRA: It takes strength to reach weakness!

NAME: Kathleen Kulikowski
HOMETOWN: Washington, DC. 
MOMENT I FELL IN LOVE WITH SOUL: Ben B's UNSQ classes back in the day. 
IN MY GYM BAG: Always a fresh change of clothes, my laptop, a few Quest bars, and YSL cologne. 
BIGGEST INSPIRATION: Watching the hard work of Team DC finally come together. 
TOP POST-WORKOUT SNACK: "Joyful Almond" with kale from Juice Gen!
FAVORITE WAY TO HYDRATE: Good ole SmartWater. 
LATEST HEALTHY OBSESSION: It's not a food item, but I've lately committed a better approach to rest and recovery: Lots of foam-rolling, restorative yoga, a massage every now and then, and ample time in the steam room.

NAME: Megan Kelly
MOMENT I FELL IN LOVE WITH SOUL: First class in WEHO with Angela Davis. Done & done. #weeping
WHEN YOU LEAVE MY CLASS, YOU FEEL: Motivated & sweaaaaaaty.
IN MY GYM BAG: Men's Deodorant (duh.), Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb, drybar Triple Sec Texturizing Spray, & a Soul sweatshirt of some form.
BIGGEST INSPIRATION: My grandmother (MomMom). She is a crusader/warrior, mother to 6, grandmother to 19. Never backs down, never lets anyone tell her no, & doesn't apologize for who she is. I'm trying to convince to her to come to SOUL (she is one of the biggest reasons I moved to DC)
FAVE POST-WORKOUT SNACK: Green juice (I need DC recommendations though!)
FAVORITE WAY TO HYDRATE: Good ol' H20 with lemon. Classic.
CURRENT MANTRA: Change is good, fear is good. Both make you stronger.

Our DC studio is located at 2301 M Street NW, Washington, D.C.; 202.659.7685. Questions or comments? Email!

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