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Meet Mikki

Singing, songwriting, SoulCycling... MIKKI HOMMEL is one majorly musical instructor. In her fun, fast and dynamic classes, prepare to find inspiration through your perspiration as you ride to everything from EDM to mash-ups. What could be better? 

Five things you might not know about me
1) I'm a singer/songwriter and my music is acoustic neo-SOUL or as my producer say's quirky funk :)
2) I love to make up songs on the spot about anything.
3) I have been riding horses since I was in pre-school. 
4) My best friend in the entire world is my HORSE: SINFUL!
5) I can quote pretty much any Jim Carrey movie. I. LOVE. HIM. 

My class is unique because...
We will sing, dance, laugh and, of course, SWEAT! I think it's so cool to be able to combine music that tells a story with big beats and complement it with music that tells a story through lyrics. I want to create a journey through the playlist.

In my class I love to play...
I love playing some EDM, electro house, trap, dubstep, REMIXES, mash-ups, house, progressive house, drum & bass, pop, alternative along with some singer/songwriter, indie, acoustic, soul, funk, Mumford and Sons and of course Eric Hutchinson... my FAVORITE!

The pace of my class...
I like to go all out! Meaning a little bit of everything (sprints, jumps, mountains, push ups, tap backs.. you know the deal). Everyone is different, so whether you're a pro or a first-timer as long as you're giving it your all, that's all that matters. My goal is to create an experience where everyone inspires each other to re-define their possible.

My favorite quote is...
"Carpe Diem" — Seize the day!

If I have an hour to myself I will...
Be writing a song, recording, rehearsing, playing a show, working on my website, booking shows, working on my Kickstarter campaign, working on a playlist, finding new tunes, taking Parker's class or seeing some live music. 

MUSIC is very important to me.
Music is my passion and my dream. Music has helped me discover who I am and has helped me find the courage to pursue my dream of being a musician/recording artist.  

My friends know me as the passionate, determined and quirky goofball. 
I go for what I want with 1 million percent of everything I've got and always laugh along the way.

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