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Meet Denis

Meet DENIS MORTON. With his blonde hair, laid back demeanor and love of the outdoors, it may not be surprising to learn that Denis hails from a warmer climate. A free spirt from Florida, Denis went to California for a wedding and never came home. But now that he's made the trek out East, Denis says that he's right where he belongs. And we couldn't agree more. Between his wicked sense of humor, Brad Pitt good looks, sick taste in music, and intense class, we're pretty sure Denis is bringing the sunshine to NYC. 

5 things you may not know about me...

1. It hurts me more to sit still than to move.

2. I would undoubtedly wither & die without music. 

3. I am umbilically connected to the ocean -- surfing, sailing, diving -- I NEED salt water.

4. I often look very serious, but I'm sillier than you.  Terminally silly... right behind that serious look.

5. All my dots are connecting right now -- through late nights, early mornings, yoga, spinning, and a lifelong addiction to music & movement, I've been training for SoulCycle my whole life.  I couldn't be happier to be right where I am.

My class is unique because...
While the music moves your body, something inside you moves as well, connecting with our collective energy to create something more significant than we could build alone: Community Through Movement.

In my class I love to play...
Jedi Mind Tricks.  Oh, and music that inspires us to rise above ourselves!

The pace of my class is...
Jog Jog Jog -- you don't get the ass you want by sitting on it! 

My favorite book(s) are...
The Prophet by Kahlil Gibran; The Power of Myth by Joseph Campbell. 

If I have an hour to myself, I'm...
Playing guitar or going outside for some fresh air. Preferably both.

Family and community are very important to me. 
When the chips are down, we remember that people are what's important. When the chips are up, there's nothing better than sharing them! 

My friends know me as...
The Fun Machine. Get on or get out of the way!

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