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LIndsey S. on Setting Goals, Traveling the World and Turning 30

nstructor LINDSEY SIMCIK is prepping for a big birthday in a big way. This fall she’s turning 30 and now she has a podcast called Almost 30 devoted to the topic. We chatted with her about why this milestone marks a turning point for her...

How are you preparing for your 30th birthday?
I’m setting a few goals that should set me up to step into 30 feeling pretty darn good. I'm pretty obsessed with taking the focus off of the typical pressures, like marriage, babies, settling down, etc. I've always known that my path is going to be very different than any one else's. So my goals are specific and very present.

Smart. What are they?
I have short-term financial goals that are going to set me up for my next inspiring adventure or entrepreneurial idea. I try not to attach myself to the outcome, but have fun giving energy to the idea so that it has the best possible chance of coming to life. I also love having fitness goals as I get older. I know that my body will change, but am curious about what will happen to my body if I keep my mind sharp and curious. Yoga is such a perfect complement to SoulCycle. I'm challenged by the physical and mental practice, always humbled, and committed to deepening my practice. And as I approach 30, I am trying to turn every stress into excitement.

How do you do that?
I'm trying to breathe more. I'm trying to laugh at my own crazy thoughts. I'm trying to trust that is has truly ALWAYS WORKED OUT.

When you think of turning 30, how does it make you feel?
Honestly? I'M SO PUMPED. There is something about exiting the fog of your twenties, when things are confusing and unstable, so fun, yet so temporary and unattached, and then stepping confidently into a new decade. In my early twenties, I was addicted to the highs and the lows. Relationships, money, career, friendships send me soaring to bliss or plummeting to confusion and negative self talk. I am feeling more balanced, curious, and confident turning 30.

What excites you?
I'm excited to make the vision in my head, the life that I'm living. I know I'm capable. So, it's just a matter of time. I'm excited to explore the relationships and opportunities that will help me do that. I'm excited to not give a darn about what other people think about my path. It's probably longer and more winding than most, but I'm loving every turn. Why I feel like I now have the permission... I DON'T KNOW! But I feel it.

What scares you?

Good question. A lot. Failure, not finding "my person,” not making my parents proud, the list goes on. I just see my fears. I live along side of them. I try not to deny that they are there, but I also try not to let them control my every decision. I will always be a little bit afraid of something. I think it’s human nature. I think fear keeps me on my toes, keeps things in perspective.

Do you have any bucket list items you want to cross off before your birthday?

My co-host Krista Williams and I have a handful of goals for our podcast, Almost 30, before I turn thirty. There is a community growing around our idea that began with us recording on our closets' floors. We recently hit 110,000 downloads in six months! Our dream for this podcast is taking on a life of its own and we are grateful and humbled to usher it to the next level. Also on my list, to write more. That means writing on creating content that I am passionate about. HOW VAGUE. I've been telling myself the story that I'm not a good writer anymore. I've been telling myself this story over and over and I'm beginning to believe it. NOT THIS YEAR. I will write, put it on its feet, produce and shoot it, and share it. I'm done waiting for opportunities to come to me. I am 100 percent capable of creating those for myself. These items don't feel like they belong on your typical bucket list. But this one does: I WANT TO LEARN TO SURF. WET SUIT. EARLY MORNINGS. STUDYING WAVE PATTERNS. YA KNOW.

Are there any books or songs or films or anything that is inspiring you?
Tools of Titans by Tim Ferris — A bible of everything you didn't know you should know about...everything.
Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert — For the creative soul

Chef's Table on Netflix — Planet Earth for food; it has brought me to tears.
Planet Earth II — no words.

Maggie Rodgers — New age folk singer/songwriter discovered by Pharrell… when that one person sees your talent and is called to take you to the next level where you are destined to share your talent.

How are you planning to celebrate the birthday?
TRAVEL. I've never been overseas. So I am booking a flight(s) by the end of this week and figuring everything else out after I click "book.“

What is the first thing you will do once you officially turn 30?
I have no idea. At that moment I'm sure I'll be in a particular work/life flow. I'll feel a little blip in the radar. I'll probably want some time to myself. I'll probably want to also spend an equal amount of time with people I love. I don't know. I'm sure I'll take a deep breath and then move on. I'm sure I'll have a doughnut and a green juice because I like balance. We'll see.

Anything you want to add?
Check out my podcast Almost 30. We are not meant to experience these transitions by ourselves. Figuring out, together, how we can be the best versions of ourselves for every major life change. It's honest and unreserved. Find it on iTunes.

Catch classes with LINDSEY S. at Brentwood and Santa Monica. Want to ride? Click HERE to grab a series and book a bike!

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