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Inside Tanysha's SOUL Journey

nstructor TANYSHA SMITH opens up about how she went from being frustrated with a nine-to-five job to leading the pack — and why she believes you should always follow your heart.

I was first introduced to SoulCycle by my cousin; we share a love for both Loud 808’s and challenging workouts. She promised this new class delivered both so I agreed to try it. That one ride at 6:00 PM in NOHO on a Friday night changed my life.

I had been struggling with an unfulfilling feeling within my career for sometime and SoulCycle brought me back to my purpose and passion. I didn’t know the HOW but I knew the WHAT. I needed to return to fitness. (FUN FACT: I was a 3rd Level NASM Certified Personal Trainer for almost four years before deciding that I needed a “real job” AKA a stable 9-to-5).

After leaving another well-paying yet unfulfilling job, SoulCycle found me on LinkedIn. I knew this was it! I joined its amazing facilities team as an area manager and thought that would be the balance I sought.

Being a part of the SoulCycle Corporate community allowed me the opportunity to rub shoulders with some of the most inspiring people I have ever met. It was amongst this community that the seed to contribute more was planted. I knew I wanted to teach and give back this feeling of making fitness fun. Flash forward two years, countless rides and three auditions later… destiny in motion!

To anyone struggling with the dilemma of “Pockets over Passion,” I encourage you to trust your heart. If an idea or thought or course keeps pulling you in a certain direction, follow it. Everything is a lesson or a blessing and in that way, there’s no losing.

Catch classes with TANYSHA at Memorial and River Oaks. Want to ride? Grab a series HERE and book a bike!
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