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Inside Justine's Soul Journey

Enduring family hardships and personal struggles led JUSTINE SCHWARTZ to seek solace at SoulCycle. Two years after her first ride, she shares how tapping it back helped her grow stronger — and inspired her to start leading the pack in Roslyn and Woodbury… 

After some rough patches in my life, I changed my entire lifestyle to become more heavily involved in being healthy and figuring out what my soul needed more of to keep growing. I grew up in a household filled with a lot of anger — my father let his business fail, my mother was diagnosed with fibromyalgia causing her to retire, and there were some family struggles with drugs and alcohol. For years struggling to make ends meet, we almost lost our house and everyone in my family fell into a depression. 

I've basically been taking care of myself since I was 18. I started working so much to help take care of my family and myself but I got caught up in their dark light and was arrested for a DWI at age 21. From that day forward, I changed my life and have never looked back. 

After two and a half years ago, I learned about SoulCycle. I read the entire website, including its core values, and I knew instantly that this was the company for me. I wanted to be part of a place that embraced positive beliefs and goals to help better lives and keep people smiling and happy while promoting fitness. I dreamed about becoming an instructor — and I emailed Your Soul Matters that very night with questions about how to make that dream a reality.

My first class at SoulCycle Roslyn was with Sal. I went with my best friend — we were both petrified and excited! It took me a month to save up for that class, so I gave it my all that day. It was the most exhilarating, motivating, and calming experience all wrapped up in one. I finally found my sanctuary — my release to be free and push myself to new limits. I felt so alive. I caught on rather quickly and it was confirmed after that one class, that this was my dream job. 

The struggles and hardships I’ve endured have made me open-minded and strong, and they have inspired me to help others. Because I have been through many different rocky paths I am able to connect with people on many different levels and no one is ever alone when they ride with me. A healthy outside starts from the inside. I want to teach people self-love and help guide them to a healthy state of mind. I’ve always been a fitness enthusiast, and being an instructor is the perfect balance between mind, body and SOUL!

As a rider, I received so much love and motivation — I felt like I could conquer anything as part of a pack. As an instructor I am the leader now, and I hope to give back all that I gained to my riders. Seeing how riders feel after class is empowering and fills me up with a nurturing and calming feeling. You feel really humble and grateful but at the same time I get to let loose, be free, and be me. Once I start my playlist on my laptop, I have more fun than ever. I get to teach people freedom of self expression through the music to try something new every day, every class.

My biggest motivation has been my family and the hardships we’ve gone through. I envision that and it always keeps me grounded and focused. Somehow, even though I was working four jobs, seven days a week, 90 hours a week, I never lost sight of my goals. I was able to multi-task and balance it all — I am proof that hard work pays off and if you want something badly enough, you'll get it.

“Take every day and blow with the breeze” is a mantra I always live by. I try to remind myself, “You never know what the day will bring; there will be many peaks and valleys in one single day. So take life for what it is, find the little things that make it wonderful and take it one day at a time.”

Catch classes with JUSTINE at SoulCycle Roslyn and SoulCycle Woodbury! Want to ride? Grab a series HERE and book a bike! 
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