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The Book That Changed Devin's Life

eed a good book? Chicago instructor DEVIN TOLLISON has just the one.

I have a really hard time trying to stay focused when reading books. I always start and halfway through, I just lose interest. Every now and again, friends would ask me if I’d read Paulo Coelho's The Alchemist.

After a few years of this happening with various friends and acquaintances, a friend gave me the book for my birthday. Truthfully, I didn’t start reading it until a few years later after I’d moved to New York. I was on the train and decided to give it a quick look. A quick look turned into actual reading and soon I was completely engaged.

It’s the story of a boy looking for treasure, who meets a lot of different people that help him along the way. I think that most of us are looking for our own personal treasure — once we start the journey in motion, the universe will help you find it.

It might not be easy, it might take time, and sometimes you just might have to stop and listen to the universe, but our treasure is out there.

SoulCycle is one of the many gems that I have found on my journey.

After moving to NYC, people would ask me if I did SoulCycle. I’d say I’m a runner and I’m not great on a bike. After six years of SoulCycle coming up in conversation, I finally gave in. I stopped and I listened to the universe, and well, look at me now!

The Alchemist changed my life because it let me know that the life I’m living is a journey. I just have to remember to keep strong and I’ll find my treasure.

You can catch classes with Devin at Southport, Old Town and The Loop. Ready to ride? Purchase a series HERE.
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