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Make No Excuses - Get Out & Vote!

Every time you ride, you ditch the excuses. Let's bring that mindset to the polls as we get out and vote in November's midterm elections—no matter what.

We're stacking hands with our friends at theSkimm to spread the word about their nonpartisan, No Excuses campaign. theSkimm is a membership company that makes it easier to live a smarter life. Their newsletter, the Daily Skimm, delivers all the news and information you need to know to start your day straight to your inbox each morning.

And now their No Excuses campaign is giving you everything you need to show up at the polls this year. First thing’s first: you can’t vote unless you’re registered. theSkimm can help you register or check your status if you're not sure. And while you're there you can read up on the people you’ve been hearing about and the issues at stake.

Once you've done that, it's time to build your ballot. Take a look at who's running in your state and district so you're ready come Election Day.

Mark your calendar for November 6th. See you on a bike - and at the polls!

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