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The Motivating Mantra That Works for Everyone

YC instructor SAM SCAFFIDI shares the five words that keep her inspired and energized each day…

My personal mantra, which I often share with my classes, is "do what you can do.” I think we, or maybe it's just me, spend too much time criticizing ourselves for what we can't do, or what we aren't capable of yet, or who we think we're not… and the bittersweet reality of it is that you can only do what you can do. Be it in class, at work, in your relationships, with your kids, or in any facet of your life, you can only do what you can do. That can change; you can continue to practice and learn and grow and expand what you can do, but that takes time and patience and work and trust.

As a marathon runner, this is something I take into consideration every footstep of every mile; do what you can do, just do what you can do. When you start training for a marathon, you do just that… you train for a marathon, you don't lace up and go out and run 26.2 miles. Eventually you do, but maybe today you can only run one mile, so you run one mile. And maybe tomorrow, you can only run one mile, so you run one mile. But maybe in a week, you can run two miles, so you run two miles. And you continue to do what you can do until you can do more… and when you can do more, you do more.

It can be challenging to drop our egos and accept where we are when we want more for ourselves or even expect more of ourselves. But in choosing to do everything that you can possibly do in any given moment, you have done enough. Enough to help you grow and change and set the foundation for you to be able to do more!

Catch classes with SAM at East 54th Street, East 83rd Street and West 60th Street. Want to ride? Click HERE to grab a series and book a bike!

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