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Sprint Your Way to a Better Body

New research shows that pushing your comfort zone on the bike can make a big difference in your body!

Intense exercise can transform your body and muscles in ways that milder physical activity cannot match, according to a new research from Scripps Research Institute in Florida.

In a brand-new animal study, researchers discovered that any activity that is stressful and works your body hard activates a protein called CRTC2. This protein affects the body’s use of blood sugar and fatty acids when we're stressed — and it affects our health when it comes to things like blood pressure and insulin.

Mice who produced more CRTC2 protein through a series of strenuous exercise increased their endurance and had stronger, leaner muscles than the mice who did less vigorous exercise. Plus, their bodies became more efficient at tapping into fat stores to use flab as fuel rather than muscles. And while this study was conducted on critters, scientists believe that the humans would have similar results and responses.

The upshot? When to push yourself past your comfort zone on the bike, even temporarily, your body has huge benefits!

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