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Soulmates: Melissa & Andrew

If you know your Soul history, then you may remember we've had a few proposals at SoulCycle... three to be exact (this onethis one and this one). But now for the first time ever, two riders who MET at SoulCycle just got engaged! SoulCycle talks with Melissa Schoffer and Andrew Farber about how they met, their first date and prepping for the wedding. 

How did you two meet? 
MELISSA: We met in Laurie Cole's class in the original West Side studio. There was something about trying not to hit people in those narrow hallways; everyone would talk while you wait for a locker. Andrew and I would always be around the same place at the same time so we’d always talk and then we’d ride together.
ANDREW: That narrow hallway was always so crowded. It wasn’t the best place to be slick. But I happened to be walking my dog up by my apartment on the east side and we bumped into each other. We were standing outside chatting and it seemed like a more polite opportunity to ask her out. 

What was your first date?
MELISSA: He asked me out to dinner after a ride. The studio didn’t have any showers, but I remember I had some lipstick to freshen up.
ANDREW: We were used to seeing each other after SoulCycle classes, which is about as sweaty as it gets. So all pretenses were gone. 

Since you met at SC, do you find your friends in common come from Soul?MELISSA: We have some friends who we knew outside of SoulCycle who we enjoy riding with when we can. At Soul, you start to recognize the same loyal faces and make new friends. Our Soul friends are a great crew!

Do you get competitive when you ride together?
ANDREW: No, we’re not competitive. We’re just happy when we both get bikes in a SoulCycle class. But if we only get one bike, then it’s a discussion of who gets to take it.

Will you be prepping for the wedding at Soul?
ANDREW: The wedding is on a Saturday night and we’re already discussing if we can fit in a double that morning. There’s still some time to negotiate.
MELISSA: We’re planners, so we’re already thinking about it. But we’ll definitely get one in that morning.

How do you two negotiate sign-ups?
MELISSA: Like many people, our Monday comes to a complete halt at 11:50. Whether we’re overseas or on a plane, we’ll make it happen. Before Andrew, my mother used to help me with sign-ups.
ANDREW: It depends on work schedules, but whoever is available takes the brunt of it. Usually, one of us will be on the computer and one of us will be calling the studio. We already know which cell or work phone connects to the studio faster. But trying to get the bikes makes it all the more fun.

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