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An interview with our Soul icon, Tanysha.

We sat down with the iconic Tanysha—an NYC instructor—to get her perspective on the significance of this month, and the power of positivity. Here’s what she had to say.

No matter where we come from, which tribe we are an extension of, we all have a line of ancestors that made tremendous sacrifices for us to be exactly where we are and to be exactly who we are. And I think it’s important that we honor them and also ourselves by continuing to assist in implementing changes for the generations that are going to come far, far beyond us.

Everyone has their own gifts and talents and abilities that are extremely unique to each of us and so we are always deserving of being in any space with which we feel called to.

It’s important to allow our voices to be heard and our hearts to be seen and so I think it’s important to show up how you want people to see you.

Who is her icon?

My icon is Maya Angelou. She was a writer, a performer, an activist and I feel wildly connected to her as if she’s a member of my own family. Her works overflow with kindness and understanding of all beings but especially those of black women and that is something that is obviously close to my heart. Language has so much power and she used it brilliantly to encourage and embolden others.

Why Black History Month is important to her.

To me, Black History Month is all about honoring our vastly rich culture but also about honoring all of our ancestors and the people who have paved the way for us to have the liberties that we currently have. Still so much further to go but it's important to acknowledge where we are and Black History Month/Black Music Month, these are all great opportunities to showcase and highlight people from our culture.


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