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How One Rider's SOUL Journey Led Her to New York Fashion Week

oronto rider Haley Rudolph started her SOUL journey in Toronto, and soon found her self walking the runway at New York Fashion Week. Read her story, ahead.

Less than a year ago, I never would have thought I’d be telling the story of how I walked in New York Fashion Week for the first time as one of only 209 plus model appearances and how TY and SoulCycle KING helped get me there.

I first met Ty when King Street opened in Toronto this past March. I sat front row in his SoulSurvivor and quickly realized it was an ambitious move on my part, as I could barely keep the beat and sat through the most of the class. Ty made it very clear that day that he wouldn’t tolerate anything but your best effort on the bike. He was tough, but also incredibly motivating, and although I was intimidated by how challenging his class was, I knew I would be coming back for more. I soon started to regularly clip in with him.

I have always struggled with my body image. I have never been thin, and for as long as I can remember I have felt that I was waiting to get to a certain size before I could truly be happy with myself.

It’s hard to describe how Ty and SOUL have changed my perspective. The classes were a safe space for me to let go and push my body to its limits. It was because of these classes that I reached a level of peace with my body. I became less focused on what I disliked about it, and more amazed and grateful for what it could do. Each class was a competition — not against the other riders, but against myself — and Ty would never let me forget that. Ty pushes each of us to challenge ourselves to reach our personal bests every class. I remember telling Ty, “You are transformative. Thank you for making me feel like an athlete.” Today, I may not have a six-pack — which I am fully okay with — but I can keep up with the strongest riders. I’m proud of the hard work I’ve put in and am motivated to keep improving.

*sentimental post alert* 6 months ago I struggled (basically sat) through 60 minutes in the toughest spin class I'd ever attended with a particularly sassy instructor ????. I struggled to even try to keep up a beat. That day, a fire was lit under my ????, a passion was found, and I kept up with it. Today I hit ???? rides and slayed the podium, even if I almost collapsed after getting off the bike ???? To the beautiful human who brings me to #Tyland every week, made me do a #NYFW catwalk in the middle of class today ????????♀️, and who always pushes me to surpass my expectations, I hope you know how grateful I am for you. To my #Soulfam, I'm so thankful @soulcycle brought us together--you guys inspire me and I feed off your energy every class ✨ I've finally realized... you do not need to have a six pack to be an athlete. Thank you @soulcycle @tyrelldesean #SoulKING

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It was with this newfound body confidence that I decided to apply on a whim to a model search for a major plus-size clothing brand. A couple weeks later, I found out that not only was I a finalist out of over 15,000 applicants, but that I would be walking in New York Fashion Week. It felt like fate; SOUL had helped me transform my body image, and now I had the opportunity to publicly celebrate my curves. My whole New York Fashion Week experience was incredible, and one that I owe in part to SOUL.

It also just so happened that I was on the brink of my 100th ride before I went to New York City. I made sure to limit the number of rides I took in New York so that I could celebrate with Ty and my SOUL family back in Toronto. It was amazing to ride in another city but feel part of the same community I have back home at KING.

My first ride back in Toronto was my 100th, and Ty not only made sure the entire class knew it was my 100th ride, but that I had just walked in New York Fashion Week. In fact, he asked me get off my bike during the arm series to show the class my catwalk. I was embarrassed, but I got off the bike and owned it, because I could feel the love and encouragement coming from my SoulCycle family. Ty then brought me up to ride the podium during the final song of the class. It was a fast song with sprints, and I pushed like hell to keep the beat. My legs almost collapsed when I got off the bike, but I had done it. It was a very proud moment.

I will eternally be grateful for the body confidence that Ty and Soul helped me gain over this past year. I genuinely believe that I never would have even applied for the model search had I not experienced the magic that happens when you leave your comfort zone as I have experienced at SOUL.

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