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FIND IT! With Stacey

This is not about a class. It's not about a bike. It's about YOU. Senior Master Instructor STACEY shares what FIND IT! means to her.

Congratulations on your just-released memoir, Two Turns From Zero... we can't put it down! You’ve been teaching for more than 11 years now and your class rocks. It’s motivation and gangster at the same time. Tell me what makes your class unique?

Well, thank you. I’ve had so many different jobs throughout my career. I was a DJ. I was a comedian and a trainer. My class is a salad of my many personalities. With the DJ experience, I learned how to take someone on a journey — inspire them through music and let them just… let go. I have fresh playlists each class and I never repeat. You will never get the same playlist in one of my classes. My class is a little bit of everything and a mixture of my many personalities and interests.

Your following can’t get enough of you. You need to be duplicated! When did you realize you had such a devoted crew of riders?

I feel really blessed. I noticed the loyalty of my riders early on in my career. It happened pretty fast. It happened when I first started, and again, I think it’s because of my DJ and comedy experience. I was just blessed.

I want to know a little bit more about your comedic experience. What was that time in your life like?

I loved it but the only problem was that I didn’t like staying up late. And that’s a tough life because shows start very late and I couldn’t play the game so I got out of it. I couldn’t deal with the late nights. But now I get to be a comedian every single day so, I’m doing what I love to do.

You often talk about how much you’ve learned from your riders. You’ve taught many people and they’ve taught you a lot as well...

I’ve learned so much from them. I realized that when I show up 100%, it’s the best way to live your life. I go to bed early and I don’t drink. I always show up 100%. Other days, I may be a little tired. But when the community of SOUL gets into a room together, magic happens. It’s electric. The second that my laptop gets plugged in and the music plays, it’s like the world stops and it’s just us. In that moment, we’ve transported ourselves to a better place. It’s a magic carpet ride and it’s the best feeling in the world.

During these "magic carpet rides," breakthroughs can happen. How do you define a breakthrough?

It’s a very personal thing. For some people, it’s emotional. For some people, it’s feeling happy. For some people, it’s thinking about things you haven’t thought about in a very long time. Facing the music while the music is playing. It’s really riding the bike in your rigorous truth. That’s really where you’re going to find that breakthrough moment. It’s about being completely raw and honest with what you’re really feeling in your life. And when you time that truth with your body’s serotonin, dopamine, epinephrine levels... when you time that truth in the moment when you’re pushing, it flushes through your body. And that’s the ultimate high. It’s the best high. During my class, you can find happiness, joy, love, light, desire, will, community, testimony, truth, preservation. It's all there for you to find!

The SoulCycle community is unlike any other. What makes our community so strong?
We are a group of like-minded people that are in one room with positive thoughts, and we're putting purpose into motion. So, when that happens in life, when that happens in a group…I mean, this is why group anything works. This is why churches work. This is why synagogues work. This is why communities of collective consciousness work. It’s in motion though. This is a different rush and a different push. This is when action meets action. It’s like fireworks.

What have you learned about yourself through your SoulCycle journey?

How many hours do you have? I just learned that this is my calling. This is what I’m meant to do. The first class I took I knew I was born to teach.

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