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FIND IT! With Pixie

This is not about a class. It's not about a bike. It's about YOU. Instructor PIXIE shares what FIND IT! means to her.

You have such a devoted following. Why do you think riders flock to your classes?

First and foremost, we are a community. The riders are OUR riders — they aren’t MY riders. I’ve heard that I’ve created a class that is accepting. I have a very challenging class and it’s hard. It’s very hard. Sometimes, I don’t have the “soul” to offer and if I don’t have it, I won’t feed it to you. Some days I’m low, some days my cup is empty. So we’re going to have a good time and dance. And other days, I’ll have my stuff that I feel might land well with the room or resonate with people, so I’ll offer that. I think that I’m very unattached to the expectation of what my class is supposed to be and I just let it be whatever it is. And sometimes it can be the best freaking class you’ve ever taken. And sometimes it might be like “that was a great workout.” Who knows? But it’s always real.

Is there a certain way you connect with your riders? Any pre-class rituals you like to implement?

Before we start, everybody has to introduce themselves to their neighbor. I usually turn my music down, because that’s actually my favorite part of class — hearing a whole room of strangers talk to each other with joy.

Riders feed the SOUL. What have you learned from your crew?

I have learned about walking your talk, practicing what you preach and holding yourself accountable to the things that come out of your mouth. I left my old relationship over something that I had talked about during class. I had been participating in an unhealthy relationship for five years when something I said in class shook me to the core. It was like this massive energy had swooped up what I had said, wrapped it up in a ball, and hit me in the face with it. I was like “Oh sh*t, I’m a hypocrite...” That's a crock of sh*t because you’re not actually living it, you're not being true to what you're preaching. I’ve also learned about community and support and breakthroughs.

You just mentioned something that SoulCycle is all about — it’s about finding your breakthroughs. What does that mean?

It’s re-writing your story. Our lives are programmed by what we see, by what we hear, by what we experience. We’re programmed by what we think we are or what we’re supposed to be… rather than just being. We live in a culture of bigger, better, faster, stronger, sexier, skinnier, richer, more desirable. So, we never actually just kick it and look back and be like “Oh wow, life is really good and I survived a lot.” So, I think a breakthrough is about re-writing the story, re-writing the script. And that can look like so many things. That can look like honoring a mistake, and then re-writing the end of it. It can look like introducing yourself to the hot chick or the hot dude, or introducing yourself to someone you would never say hello to because it’s not like your person. I think SoulCycle is the gateway drug. People re-ignite friendships. People re-invent dreams. It just inspires them to keep living no matter what’s going on. Keep living no matter what’s happening. The fitness is secondary. Period.

So, what’s primary?

The community. Feeling like you belong. Feeling like you’re supported. Feeling like you’re lovingly challenged. Feeling like you’re lovingly nurtured. Feeling like people are going to hold you accountable and keep it real with you.

What can riders find at SoulCycle?

I think people find their vulnerability. I think they find courage. And courage looks like different things to so many people. They find friends. I see so many fantastic relationships and friendships that are built. They find new standards and beliefs and kind of dissolve preconceived notions.

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