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FIND IT! With Devin

This is not about a class. It's not about a bike. It's about YOU. Instructor DEVIN W. shares what FIND IT! means to him.

Tell me about the first SoulCycle class that you took.

Oh man. It was quite something. I felt like I was going to throw up. I took a class with Angela and she said something that really woke me up. She said, “You can’t do the same things you did yesterday and expect a different result today.” And then she said it again but the second time, I really felt like she was saying it to me — directly. It felt personal. And then the tears came….

“Breakthrough moments” are a magical part of riding at SoulCycle. And for many, it comes after riding for a while. But for you, it came right away…..

I saw Jesus. [laughs] I was out of place - I was new to Los Angeles and it was my first SoulCycle class. Up until I walked into that classroom I felt very alone. In that room, it all just clicked but I have to be honest, I couldn’t ride the bike to save my life. I’ve always been graced with the ability to pick things up really quickly, and I connected to the spiritual side of SoulCycle but the athleticism didn’t come that easily. As Angela eloquently guided us through a body-and-mind-changing class, my spirit was reminded of the reason I had been brought to that room and to LA. It changed my perspective. It changed me.

What have you learned throughout the journey?

I’ve learned that I’m more than what I’ve known. I grew up in such a small bubble, as the world expanded for me, I thought my world was going to remain the same. As my world grew, I realized my capacity for greatness is so much more than I believed in.

You always talk about your incredible riders…

My riders are incredibly real! My class is hard. We work hard! But the intention going into class is to be as real as you can in the room. If you want to dance, we’re having the best dance party. If you want to sing, we’re singing at the top of our lungs. If you want to cry the entire class, you go ahead and cry. No matter what kind of day I’m having, I can go to class and my riders will receive me in the exact same way as I’ll receive them. We are fully supportive, always having each others' backs!

You can come to SOUL to find so many different things. What makes this journey of looking within and finding something unique?

I think the best thing to find at SoulCycle is friends and the community. That’s what I found. I was so lost in LA and it gave me a reason to be there. Instead of just waiting for something to happen, I had this place to go. You find release. Whether you’ve had the worst day ever, you get on the bike and you turn up the resistance and you push through it. It’s also about finding accountability — to both yourself and the community. It’s a powerful thing.

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