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How One Rider Embraced the Army of Love After Heartbreak

ennsylvania rider ERIN KISSLING found her pack when she felt most alone. Read on to see how the Army of Love helped her fight for herself.

This past New Year's Eve, I broke off an engagement. I was extremely depressed and I had lost sight of who I was and the goals in life that I wanted to achieve. I felt so alone and had lost a lot of my self-confidence and sense of self.

I knew that I had two options: I could fully lose it and hide from the world forever — completely turning my back on everyone that has always been there for me — or I could dig down deep, face the world head-on, and fight to get my life back on track.

In an attempt to achieve option two, I went to Washington, D.C. in January to visit my adorable niece, Madison. She took me to the WEST END SoulCycle studio and I will be forever grateful.

I will never forget how that class and community made me feel. When I returned to Philadelphia after that weekend, I started going to ARDMORE and the fabulous new RITTENHOUSE SQUARE studio multiple times at week. I spent Valentine's Day at Ardmore, spinning to the break-up song class instead of sitting at home feeling sorry for myself. I spent Saturday mornings meeting new friends on the bike instead of sleeping in and not getting out of bed. During the meditation song in every class, my thoughts changed from feeling guilty for putting myself first to reflecting on how strong I am for doing what was right for me, even if it meant hurting someone that I love with all of my heart.

Every class I learn something new about myself. I now know that I have SO much more to give and I can push myself to new limits both mentally and physically.

The SoulCycle community has been my strength these past few months. I truly encourage anyone who is struggling with self-worth or facing a hard time in life to surround themselves with this Army of Love.

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