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The Amazing Rider Who Celebrated Her 75th Birthday With 500 Rides

ew York rider DONNA SATOW set out to ring in her 75th birthday with a major SOUL goal. Read her inspiring story, ahead.

I had a goal: to reach 500 rides by my 75th birthday.

I used to be a person who never liked to exercise. I have had personal trainers and belonged to gyms, but always found excuses not to go... I was a master at keeping trainers engaged in conversation while the minutes ticked by. SoulCycle has been vastly different. From my first class, I was in love.

I found my bike in the back and all the rest followed.

I started at NOHO and couldn’t believe the way I felt when I finished the ride. Then SoulCycle opened SOHO and I was in heaven.

I never broke a sweat at the gym but after my 45-minute rides at SoulCycle, I was drenched and felt exhilarated. I loved the form the classes took — intervals, hills and then sometimes, a quiet contemplative moment of music to ride as I wished. I would be completely absorbed in the moment, and almost surprised when the class ended. I started using wrist support bands and even that didn’t stop me.

There's something therapeutic about the whole experience. I lead a busy life and yet really wanted to start my day with an early morning ride.

I love to ride with BECCA and STEVIE for their gentle reminders to relax the shoulders, breathe, and keep the abdomen tight. I learned to love rap thanks to PARKER and have been moved to tears when one of my instructors played something I knew! I will go far out of my way to ride with SEAN or NOA to have some rock 'n' roll. I've even put theme rides on my calendar and found myself looking forward to them!

During my time doing SoulCycle, I've often wondered if I am the oldest person in the class. I am sure that there are many other riders around who are in their mid-70s and even older. If I see someone who appears to be around my age, we give each other a knowing smile.

I love the idea that I can sit-down if I lose the beat or need to take a break. I have always felt completely accepted. I book rides on vacations and drive 45 minutes from our weekend house to take a class.

SoulCycle is doing something special. I not only hit my goal, but surpassed it!

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