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Soul Story: Sisi Song

SISI SONG was a gymnastics champ in her native China, but her dedication to fitness waned after moving to NYC for college and landing a job in banking. In February she clipped in for her first ride at SoulCycle — and last week she tapped it back in her 100th class, part of her personal #SOULMISSION. Now she shares her Soul Story… 

There are two parts of my SoulMission. Part One is to complete 100 rides by Christmas, which I accomplished last week. Part Two is to ride on the podium on my birthday (next April). That is definitely something on my bucket list!

I was born and raised in Nanjing, China. I practiced gymnastics and placed third nationally in competitive aerobics gymnastics championship in 2009. I came to the U.S in 2010 for college and am currently working in investment banking in New York. I am literally told by every single of my friend that I have ultra-levels of energy. Working out is always my top choice to release my excess energy. 

Last June I started my full-time job in investment banking, a field where, as you may have heard, it’s not uncommon to leave the office past midnight. In my first few months at work, I either didn’t have time to work out or I felt too tired to put on my sneakers. To make matters worse, long hours and stress at work made me eat more than usual and I was losing my fitness. My previous athletic experience made it clear to me that fitness is a priceless, intangible asset but it amortizes quickly if you don’t keep active. I am so happy that I found SoulCycle just in time!

I had my first ride at SoulCycle this February and since then I’ve fallen in love with it. There are so many reasons why I’m addicted to SoulCycle. First of all, it is perfect for people like me who have a demanding job and need motivation to work out. I have instructors I love to ride with (like Mantas, Akin, Nick, etc.) and I genuinely miss them if I don’t ride in their classes for a few days. 

I am constantly inspired by the words instructors say during class. They not only make me ride harder, but also make me reflect upon life outside the studio. I recall one time that Mantas said we came to SoulCycle not for something we were already able to do, but for something we had to fight hard for. It’s the same thing for life; we shouldn’t complain about the difficulties we encounter because difficulties are what make us different today vs. yesterday. 

Over the past nine months, I have seen my progress: double Soul Survivor classes in one day, lifting heavier weights, moving up to to the front row, bringing friends, adding more resistance. SoulCycle has helped me become more confident, courageous and self-disciplined to fight for things that I thought were out of my comfort zone. In the dark studio with an instructor leading the pack, it isn’t hard to focus just on the bike. When I turn it up, I can feel the resistance on the wheel impact my body and transform into energy and power. As Akin says, “use fear as fuel to overcome your struggle.” The more resistance I put on the wheel, the more powerful I become. 

My SoulCycle experience proves “mind over matter.” I genuinely love indoor cycling so I try my best to ride as much as I can. Even when I work past midnight, I try to hit a 6:00 AM class. This doesn’t apply to everyone but to me, a 45-minute SoulCycle class is way more refreshing than being in bed for 45 minutes. On the weekend, no matter how late I go to sleep, I always make sure I set up my next day alarm so that I will not miss any of my 9:30 AM Soul Survivor class! If you want to keep fit, you can definitely find a way to accomplish it. 

One of my favorite  moments every week is cleaning all my SoulCycle gear and planning out the classes I want to take the following week. Making it to my 100th ride is a fresh start for me and I look forward to accomplishing the second part of my SoulMission soon. My favorite quote is, “Take every risk. Drop every fear. Be grateful. Be Badass.” and it inspires me on the bike and in life every day.

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