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SoulCycle Riders Share What They Found In Their First Class

eady to take a seat on the bike for the first time? Not sure what to expect? SOUL riders take you inside their inaugural trip to the studio, here.

Fumbling the clip-in, feeling emotional, finding it that first moment, taking a class (or five!) to find the rhythm — it's all normal. Inspired by SOUL's Rider Stories video, O.G. riders and newbies shared memories from their first time on the bike. Read a few highlights from SoulCycle's Instagram comments below, and add your own memories here.

  • "In my first class with Chris at Union Street in San Francisco, I felt clumsy, completely out of shape and 100% alive. That day, I knew I found a workout that I was in love with. Two and a half years later, I've gotten married, moved across the country and had a baby. @soulcycle is my constant and my safe haven." — @christivictoria

  • "So hard. My hands hurt. My butt hurt. How was everyone moving like that and spinning their legs so fast? But then post class I walked into the subway and an extremely euphoric feeling came over me and I knew I had to go back.Then I started to train with @beccaraphael and the rest is history!#soulcycle #gamechanger" — @evalina_z

  • "My first ride, was with Devin at Pasadena and towards the end I was in tears due to the amount of support and positive energy in the room. Everyone was so thoughtful and just a community. I go 3 times a week now." — @laurentolbert

  • "It was the most intense, magical experience! I hate going to the gym it just does not work for me. Then along came soul cycle I had wanted to go for a really long time and always depended on someone else to go, one day I just went! Experienced the most amazing experience listening to nothing but Rihanna and instructor @mayarelias!
  • Incredible I fell in love instantly I don't think I'd ever sweat that much during a workout in my entire life, guess I was doing something wrong! The next day I woke up super sore but loving it! Right now I go once a week, my goal is to build myself up to multiple times a week! Thank you soul cycle and maya for being so incredible!!!!" — @gidelvia

  • "Real deal anxiety going in. Felt like I was going to have a cardiac event during. Cried. Came back 100's of times" — @shaundalee73

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