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Noa's Motivating Mantras

When instructor NOA SHAW uses his mantras in class, Soul Short Hills rider Holly shares them with her daughter, a teacher at an urban poverty school, who then uses them to inspire her students. Here's how Noa's words helped encourage kids throughout the past school year… 

"My daughter teaches sixth grade at an urban poverty school," says Soul Short Hills rider Holly. "She is an amazing teacher and is always looking for ways to motivate her students. I often share Noa's enthusiasm and inspiring words with her and she "re-purposes" his phrases for her classroom. Let me give you some examples:

Noa: This hour is going to change your life.....and if it doesn't change your life, at the very least you're going to look awesome!!!
Classroom: This literacy class if going to change your life.....and if it doesn't change your life, at the very least you're going to be a lot smarter!!!

Noa:  Remember, you're climbing this hill, challenging yourself for Winter of 2015. You are going to be on a plane and someone is going to say, "Let me get your luggage down from the overhead for you, and you're going to say "No, thank you, I'm strong enough to get it myself."
Classroom: Remember, you are challenging yourself with this math work, paying close attention, for 7th grade, Winter of 2015. Your teacher is going to say: "Let me help you with adding fractions and you're going to say: "No, thank you, I already know how to add fractions."

Noa: Turn it up if you want to look great this summer. Well, I'm going to add two turns because I want to look awesome this summer! (Of course, we all turn it up two turns.)
Classroom: Memorize five lines of this Shakespeare sonnet if you're awesome. Of course, I'm going to memorize 10 lines because I'm Super Awesome.

Noa: You are stronger and more awesome than you think!
Classroom: You are smarter and more awesome than you think!

Noa: Push yourself beyond where you think you can go! Not because I told you to, but because you love yourself and you want to give yourself this gift.

Catch Noa's classes at Soul Short Hills, Soul Williamsburg and Soul East 83rd! Questions or comments? Email!
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