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How One Rider Lost 50 Pounds on a Journey to Find Herself

chance meeting with JOEY transformed rider JENNIFER ALEMANY's life. Read on to see how she lost 50 pounds and found her way back to herself.

I met JOEY when I was sitting on a bench inside SoulCycle's BRYANT PARK studio. I missed a class, it was too late for me to join, and I was crying. I was in the midst of trying to compose myself for a long day ahead and wondering how I would get through it without working out some bottled-up stress on a bike, when Joey walked by. He had arrived at the studio for his class, which was next on the schedule. He introduced himself to me and offered the next class on him after I explained my tears. When I told him I couldn't make the class because of family obligations, he asked if he could help in any way.

I couldn't even talk about everything that was on my plate. Joey didn't know I was going through the breakup of a 15-year relationship. He didn't know that my professional life was in transition. He didn't know that I had been mourning the shocking death of my mother for years. I put up walls to get through somehow, but I was a volcano ready to erupt. I kept a smile on my face, telling no one about my true sorrow.

I was touched by Joey's random generosity and I felt connected to him immediately.


Amid the turmoil in my personal life, my body was toxic: I was overweight with high blood pressure and a host of other health issues. I started SOUL in the summer of 2015. After meeting Joey on that bench, I had a feeling he would be the one to get me through. I loved his music, his pace, and his inspirational mantras in class. I started to see hope, change my frame of mind, and slowly put my heart back together. It's been two years since that meeting on the bench. I ride with him exclusively, reaching over 200 classes and four Turn It Up Challenges. I was determined to complete each challenge and raise my bar each time.

The end result? I've lost 50 pounds, my energy is through the roof at age 42, and my blood pressure is lower. I'm healthy, alive, and free of so much built-up emotional baggage. I concentrate on myself now... my mom would have wanted that. My glow and inner spirit is so high, people around me say they can feel it. I've never had such self-confidence before. The universe is returning the energy I put out there and I'm thankful for Joey every single day. He put me back together one ride at a time.

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Article by Jennifer Alemany
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