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Inside Kelly's Soul Journey

Instructor KELLY SHEERINS opens up about how SoulCycle provided solace and support as she coped with stress, anxiety and the pain of her father's alcoholism. She shares her Soul Story… 

When people ask me why I became an instructor at SoulCycle, I never know where to start. To be honest, I didn’t even know what SoulCycle was three years ago. I was dancing with an amazing teacher/choreographer Kristin Sudeikis (whom I am eternally grateful for) when she recommended I take Marvin’s class at SoulCycle.  

I was hesitant because as a dancer, indoor cycling was completely foreign to me. I took a few classes before Marvin’s (because his were so hard to get into!) and eventually got up the nerve to take his class at East 63rd St.  

From the moment I walked into the room I was in awe. He had an amazing presence about him and was engaging with everyone. As soon as he turned on the music, I knew I was in for a great ride. “Ride like the strongest, most focused version of yourself.” I needed to hear that — and I desperately needed to be that — and that's when I became hooked.

I found Soul at a time in my life where I needed strength and guidance. I am a dancer and was performing in my fifth season with the Radio City Rockettes when I began to feel like I was losing control. I was obsessive with how I looked, what I ate, and how everyone else viewed me. Stress and anxiety were slowly taking over my life and there was a major trigger that I needed to deal with.  

I grew up in an alcoholic household where my father suffers from the disease of alcoholism. I no longer felt I could have any relationship with him while he was active and unwilling to seek treatment. Many people recognize how difficult it is for the addict, however, it is equally as hard for the family. I have always wanted to help people who may have had similar experiences so sharing my story is a starting point.

SoulCycle became my form of therapy. I stopped obsessing about what I looked like and began actually caring about how I felt. When Marvin told me about the upcoming instructor auditions, I was certain I would be in way over my head.   

Somehow I got over my nerves and decided to just go for it. I am incredibly grateful for that training experience and every single person I met throughout it ( especially my Luckies). I began teaching last January and this journey has been nothing short of amazing.  

I am in awe of how much I have grown as a person and how much SoulCycle has pushed me to be a more honest teacher and human being. I am able to manage my stress and, most importantly, I like who I am. I love the people I work with and I especially love all the riders that come and give so much of themselves. I guess sometimes all you really need is a dark room and some bikes. Thank you Soul :)

Catch classes with Kelly at Soul East 83rd Street, Soul East 63rd Street and Soul TriBeCa! Questions or comments? Email!
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