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How to Crush Your Morning

leepy and moving slower than usual? Bounce back from less shut-eye with these strategies from our always-energized instructors…


My secrets to crushing an early morning are pretty simple: Six to seven hours of sleep, chugging a glass of water before bed and as soon as I wake up, a balanced dinner and a few minutes with my 5-Minute Journal to wind down from the day at night and to set an intention for the new day early in the morning (as often as possible!!)

Since starting the Front Desk at SOUL and now as a Rooster Instructor, I've transformed into a very EARLY morning person (not an easy transformation but I've learned to cope with the beautiful bags under my eyes #futurebotoxclient). With multiple classes every morning I force myself, even if I'm not ready to eat at 5:00 AM, to get at least half of a bar (KIND bar or thinkThin protein bar) or a banana into my system before I am exposed to other humans. I'm a naturally HANGRY person, so I know I need to get something in my system to get my body twerking. I also make sure to get at least half to a full bottle of COLD water (8 ounces to 16 ounces) in my body when I wake up or before drinking coffee (always iced with cream and some sweetener… in case anyone wants to bring me a coffee). I've always been behind the notion that the cold water helps get your metabolism moving which is what helps keep me so deliciously slender.

I start adjusting to the time change a few days prior by gradually going to bed earlier and earlier. This is what I do for my three kids and it always seems to work! On the day of, have a HUGE breakfast and spend as much time as possible outside!

I have my yoga mat by my bed so I literally roll on to it and starting moving my body to get the blood flowing! It really wakes up my mind and body, especially on the days I am teaching.


I get charged up in the morning by reminding myself of three things that I'm grateful for on that particular morning... And by dancing around in my underwear while drinking cold-brew coffee and listening to 80s music!

I am a person who needs eight hours of sleep every night so daylight saving time is tricky. Luckily I am a morning person who jumps out of bed easily. To be honest I don't change anything: I just plan to nap after my morning classes!


I love spring forward! I focus on the fact that we will get a whole extra hour of daylight so when I get out of a class at 7:00 PM. it is still light! Also, my fave start to the day is oatmeal with protein and peanut butter. Peanut butter makes everything better!

I set my coffee machine on 'delay brew' the night before so it's hot and fresh, and the smell motivates me to hop outta bed! (I always set five alarms within five minutes of the other so I don't oversleep.) I wake up 2.5 hours before my class starts so I can be fully awake, make my playlist, get ready for my class and be at the studio 30 minutes early without feeling rushed. Knowing yourself well enough to manage your timing and to be awake and ready is key. I'm guilty of it, but it makes SUCH a difference when I don't watch TV or play on my phone before bed — I’m able to fall asleep much earlier.


I think the key to a productive and energized morning is preparing the night before! If I'm waking up for an early class, I have my backpack all packed and ready to go with plenty of water to grab first thing when I wake up! I've also been reading 30 minutes before bed every night instead of watching TV and I get a more restful sleep which makes waking up a little easier!

Although it seems simple, my best advice is BREAKFAST. We sometimes forget to eat in the morning cause we are rushed but setting aside a few minutes for even just a quick yogurt and granola will make a HUGE difference.


The best way for me to get energized is to set a plan for my morning, go to bed a bit earlier and make sure there is a workout somewhere in there. I find that if I workout in the morning, whether it be SoulCycle or another form of cross training, I have a much more successful day!

I'll be a little extra prepared to make it easier to get up and get energized! Most nights I try to pack my bag and set myself up for the next day, but since we're losing an hour of sleep I'll be sure to put a little extra time and care toward the details. I'll prep an extra yummy breakfast, lay out clothes that are bright and make me excited to get dressed, and I'll let myself completely relax and unwind before getting a good night's sleep.

Going to bed a little earlier is always a safe bet - followed by a little extra coffee in the morning!

The best way to get the most out of your morning — especially when we're all about to lose an hour — is by preparing for it. My biggest secret is pre-setting my coffee maker so I know I'll have coffee waiting for me when I wake up. The more you prepare for the morning ahead, the less daunting the wake up becomes!

Being a mom to a 1 year-old certainly helps make me a morning person, but I also teach Roosters 4 days a week. My morning consists of drinking a glass of water with peppermint and lemon essential oil mixed in, followed by a smoothie packed full of oats, greens, fruits, veggies, almond milk and a scoop of Plant Fusion protein powder. Without these two things, I am dead to to world. Getting plenty of sleep the night before helps as well.

I always teach a 7:30 AM the morning of daylight savings, so I grab a JP Fuel or JP Fuel XTreme the night before from Juice Press and have it ready to drink first thing in the morning. It gives me the long-lasting pick-me-up that I need to carry me through not just class, but the whole day!

Questions or comments? Email! Want to ride? Grab a series HERE and book a bike!

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