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How SOUL Brought One Rider Out of Her Comfort Zone... And Into Confidence

broken foot and a big birthday first brought NICOLE CASSISTA to SoulCycle, but it was the support of the community that kept her coming back. Now this Boston rockstar has gone down three sizes and gained major confidence. Here's her story...

I was always that person who would try a fad diet, the new boutique gym, but never enjoyed it and I usually fell off the bandwagon after a week. So in the spring of 2014, as I got closer to a pretty big birthday (30!), I knew that I needed to make a change.

I broke my foot after taking a little tumble while meeting with a client at work. I had no idea how tough the next few months would be. Although it was a minor injury, I was tested both physically and mentally. During this time is where I realized I needed to finally get healthy!

Once I graduated from my physical therapy program in November, I started looking for different workouts but I couldn’t find something I enjoyed. I had heard positive things about SoulCycle and it was in the area where I went to college so I thought, I need to try this! Then one night in February, I walked into SoulCycle Beacon Hill and knew it would be where my life would change. I was committed to getting stronger than before I broke my foot.

My first ride was on March 4th, 2016 at the Beacon Hill studio at 8:00 AM with Leah Life. I remember getting the studio at 7:15 AM because I wanted to give myself extra time. I sat in my car wondering, Can I do this? Will I fit in? Will I survive? I knew at this point in my life that I needed to make a change and today would be that day. I checked in with Ellie and Jordan at the front desk and I was immediately put at ease. Everyone in the studio was so friendly and the energy was amazing — exactly my type of place and what I needed in my life.

Ellie helped me clip in and set up my bike (which admittedly took me at least 10 classes to master). When Leah walked into the room, you could feel the positive energy from her and the entire class. That first class was not easy and at times I thought about quitting but I pushed through. I listened to my body and sat in the saddle for the majority of class but could not stop smiling. From that moment on, I knew that Soul would become a permanent fixture in my life. I signed up for my next class the next day. (Even though my legs felt like jelly, I knew I was capable!)

The sense of community and all of the positive energy from the staff and riders kept me coming back. When I walked into the studio, I never once felt judged for what I could or could not do. Not to mention that after my first class, I have never felt so strong.

Since I started riding, Soul has become a major constant in my life and is improving my quality of life outside of the studio, too. The riders and staff keep me grounded and encourage me to be the best version of myself. I immediately starting noticing changes in my confidence and overall well-being within a month of riding. But it wasn't until my first round of Turn It Up 20 when I actually realized that I had lost weight when my clothes were too big. I have gone down three sizes since I started riding — a huge win!

My advice for others on a journey to health and transformation? Never doubt yourself and always go outside of your comfort zone. It wasn’t until I went outside of my comfort zone that I saw change and I am so thankful for walking into SOUL and being part of this amazing community!

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