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How One Rider Got Hooked on SoulCycle

ay Area rockstar ZARINA KHAN shares why she’s stayed dedicated to SOUL for three years and counting.

Over the past two years, instructor Natalie Camp has played a key role in my passion for SoulCycle and all that it stands for. There are a lot of things I can say about her and how much she has inspired me, but let’s start at the beginning.

It all started back in 2014 when I first wandered into Natalie's 8:30 PM class at the Union Street studio in San Francisco. It had been a long day at work and I was still pretty new to SoulCycle, so I didn’t know what to expect. I had heard about Natalie via a mutual friend who recommended I check out her class. My friend and Natalie had gone to college together. She couldn't say enough good things about Natalie so I said I would check out her class. Apparently, the same mutual friend had told Natalie I was going to take her class that night! I wandered into class and immediately fell in love with Natalie's music.

Class began and I was in the zone when I heard Natalie say "Go, Zarina!!!" She called out my name even though we had never met — I was so impressed by the fact that she remembered my name (it's not an easy name!) and that she was committed to cheering on newcomers to her class. Her class was super hard from the get-go — Natalie was a firecracker and her class has always been dual parts physically challenging and inspiring.

Over time, Natalie's 8:30 PM class became a weekly ritual for me. 8:30 PM isn't a typical time to ride and I would blow off dates/happy hour/other plans just to get myself into that room — I felt committed to my practice and Natalie pushed me with positivity through the transitions and the most intense sprints ever. She’s intense but optimistic and has equal parts grit and grace. She's unstoppable in a kind and energizing way. Tapping it back with her at SoulCycle makes me want to be a better rider and person. Natalie has done amazing work in the community that is Bay Area SOUL. And to anyone reading this: Go to her class… now!

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