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Army of Love: Love


ogether we can be a voice of unity, support and acceptance in and out of the studio. This month SoulCycle instructors are sharing their Army of Love stories. Up next is New York City instructor LOVE.

Ask the universe and you shall receive is a pretty common sentiment, but I don’t think that statement is complete. I’ve learned that if you want more, you have to ask for it. I always say that you don’t ask with your words and you don’t ask with your thoughts — you ask with your actions.

I went to NYU for musical theater. I came to the university from a small city outside of Atlanta thinking I was going to a city school that was going to be very diverse. But when I didn’t see that, I needed to find a way to stay truthful to who I am. I am a Black woman every day, and I can't change how people are going to perceive me because of my gender or the color of my skin. But, I can't let that interfere with how I learn, grow and prosper, no matter where I am.

There were a few of us in the department that felt like we weren’t being represented and not getting work that would help us after we graduated. We started a group called The Collective that was dedicated to the research and production of works from the African diaspora because unfortunately it was lacking.

Saying that we’re an Army of Love… that means we choose to be accepting. We choose to be unified. We choose to be diverse. That act of choice in itself will propel us forward as a community, as a company, and as a nation.

That idea that anyone can walk through those studio doors and get on a bike and have an experience together with other people who might or might not look like them — that’s what I appreciate so much about SOUL’s Army of Love.

—As told to Bari Lieberman
Photography by Sarah Kehoe
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