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Meet SoulFundamentals

here's a new class on our lineup! Learn everything you need to know about SoulFundamentals.

News flash! There's a new SOUL class in town. Riders, meet SoulFundamentals.

The 75-minute class is designed to refine your moves and improve your form on the bike. But these rides aren't just for beginners. They're perfect for advanced and experienced athletes who want to ace their techniques and take their SOUL to the next level.

Plus, there's double the trouble! There will be not one, but two (!) instructors in the class, ready to break down the choreography, help you attain peak awesomeness, and maximize your burn as you rock your way to Soulvana.

Want more? Master Instructor MARVIN walks us through the class.

Because if @marvinfosterjr said it, it must be true, right?

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What was the inspiration for the class?
We wanted to create a class experience for newer riders at the start of their SoulCycle journey as well as experienced riders who want to strengthen their bike form and build technique.

Why do riders need something like this? What do they get from it?
Confidence in riding to a variety of paces in a SoulCycle class. Better understanding of how resistance works. Proper execution of choreography in a strong & safe way.

Who should be signing up for SoulFundamentals?
Everyone! The new rider. The experienced rider who wants to polish their technique. The rider who wants to take their friend or loved one to try SoulCycle but wants to go on a date before moving in together. (Fundamentals is the date). :)

What's your favorite part of the class?
The moment we make it to the finish line. The smiles on everyone’s faces can light up the darkest room and sense of accomplIshment is palpable.

What's the one word you would use to describe SoulFundamentals?
Fun (duh).

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