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Celebrate World Kindness Day with SoulCycle

his Monday, November 13, we're celebrating World Kindness Day at SoulCycle studios nationwide. Learn more, ahead.

Next to New Year's and Thanksgiving, here at SOUL, one of our very favorite holidays is World Kindness Day, celebrated every year on November 13. We're marking the occasion in our studios across the country.

Stop by today to ride and get in on the good vibes, including a free pass for you to gift to a friend to pay it forward, and the chance to donate gently used sweatshirts for local families. Plus, if you bring in a sweatshirt, you'll also get 20 percent off of a new SoulCycle sweatshirt — our way of saying thank you for your generosity.

And why is kindness so important? Our own expert, NYC instructor BEVIN, is here with the answers. Read her take, ahead.

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"I think it is important to define what kindness is.

To me, kindness is an expression of love, the practice of empathy, the ability to listen and release judgment on one another and ourselves. Kindness is forgiveness. Kindness is the understanding that we are all on this journey simply doing the best we can. Kindness is the ability to say, "I see you, I understand you, and you are not alone." Kindness is seeing yourself in others and lending a hand, a smile, and a hug before asked.

In the midst of all the chaos we are witnessing and experiencing, it is so easy to forget that we are all battling the same battles in different forms and processing them in different ways. Kindness is really recognizing that we are all the same and we are all human, with strengths and flaws and insecurities and old wounds and we are choosing to express love.

Kindness is so important right now because kindness is an expression of love and love is what heals us, what unites us, and what allows us to grow as a community. Kindness exchanged changes the energy of the few people involved and they carry that energy out with them into the world and will pass that energy on in their next interaction... the love expressed will spread and it becomes much bigger than the initial act. It is a domino effect.

Our ability to give kindness is based solely on the amount of kindness we are willing to give ourselves. So that is where we have to start.

We have to remember that we are human and need love, rest, forgiveness, and support. I have been practicing that on myself: forgiving myself for my mistakes and shortcomings, recognizing my strengths and successes, really trying to allow myself some time to acknowledge my personal growth and celebrate it, and releasing the harsh judgments and ideas of perfection. This practice softens us and reduces the judgments we place on other people. Whatever it is you need in life, give it.

I've been able to see very clearly within the walls of SoulCycle how I choose to talk to myself.

I found out I was so hard on myself, I thought I was less than, I was comparing myself to others, and I was grasping to this idea of perfection so hard that it would stop me from even trying in the room. So, I made a decision to try to be kinder to myself, one breath at a time.

When the negative thoughts inevitably seep in, I choose a different perspective. I choose to celebrate where I am in that moment, to trust in my growth and my journey, to allow myself to be messy and complicated and exactly where I am. It is still a battle and will continue to be, but it definitely gets easier. It is one breath at a time.

This practice of self-kindness is starting to become a habit and it has allowed me to show up for others in a way I could have never imagined."

Book a class for Monday HERE and check out Bevin's full schedule HERE. Ready to ride? Grab a series HERE.

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