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We're just gonna say it: screw resolutions

hy we're not making any resolutions this year.

So it's January 1st. Have you noticed? Have you already reorganized your closet, found the perfect new haircut, and learned Portuguese?

Cool, us neither. This year, we're saying screw resolutions. Goals are essential, self-improvement is part of our fabric, but we have no time for the idea that you have to become an entirely different person because the calendar flipped.

We fell in love with you just as you already are. We adore you for the silly dance moves and classical training, the mess and the meticulous organization, and all the things you are and aren't.

This year, we refuse to shrink ourselves and conform to what we think we should be. We reach for more. More laughter, more achievements, more inspiration, and acceptance. More joy.

Happy Monday, we'll see you in the studio soon.

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