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Everything you need to know about SoulCup—our first-ever team challenge!

From October 22 to November 20, we’re hosting our first-ever team challenge. We’re clipping in as a pack—to support causes we care about. The more you ride, the more we donate.

Here’s how the challenge works: set your challenge goals, join a team (or invite your friends and build your own!) and then ride like crazy. The more you clip in as a community, the more we donate on your behalf. Best of all? When your team reaches their shared goal, you unlock a bonus donation ($100!) to support your cause of choice.

We’re proud to support six incredible causes as we ride together throughout our challenge. Each one truly represents our values: diversity, inclusion, acceptance, and love.

About Our Partners

The Trevor Project

The Trevor Project is the leading national organization providing crisis intervention and suicide prevention services to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer & questioning (LGBTQ) young people under the age of 25—including a toll free, confidential 24/7 suicide hotline.

Learn More

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Canada

Potential. Every kid has it. And the presence of a caring adult can ignite that potential within them, no matter what barriers and adversities they face. Big Brothers Big Sisters of Canada enables life-changing mentoring relationships to ignite the power and potential of young people. With hundreds of thousands of children and youth in need of mentors, your support makes a big difference.

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Everytown for Gun Safety Support Fund*

Everytown for Gun Safety Support Fund is an American nonprofit organization that researches the causes of gun violence, and builds public awareness about the problem and its solutions. It’s a movement of Americans working together to end gun violence and build safer communities.

Learn More

*Donations to Everytown will not be available to riders in the UK and Canada.


The ACLU is an organization of people who believe in the power of action. Whether in the courts, statehouses, or Congress, the ACLU fights to defend the rights that the Constitution guarantees to all Americans. The ACLU seeks to be the place where people can come, no matter their political affiliation, to take action.

Learn More

*Donations to the ACLU will not be available to riders in the UK and Canada.


Place2Be is a children’s mental health charity working with pupils, families, and staff in UK schools. They provide provides emotional and therapeutic services in schools—building children's resilience through talking, creative work, and play. Place2Be works with over 600 schools, supporting over 350,000 children and young people—helping them to cope with issues including bullying, bereavement, domestic violence, family breakdown, neglect, and trauma.

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Save the Children*

Save the Children serves America’s hardest-to-reach children. Across the U.S, one in five children grows up in poverty. Of the counties with the highest poverty rates, 90% are rural. Because of circumstances beyond their control, millions of kids never reach their full potential. Since 1932, Save the Children has been on the ground providing support to the most isolated and underserved children in rural America. From our earliest days in Appalachia—helping children and families hardest-hit by the Great Depression—to today, our team goes where others cannot.

Learn More

*Donations to Save the Children will not be available to riders in the UK and Canada.

Questions about SoulCup? We’ve got answers.


What is SoulCup?

SoulCup is a global, 30-day team challenge. We’re encouraging every member of our Soul community to set individual ride goals (5, 10, 20, 30 or 50) and unlock rewards and raise money for a cause of their choice.

When does the SoulCup challenge begin and end?

The challenge will go from October 22–November 20, 2019. Once you’re signed up, any ride you take during this 30-day period will count toward your individual and team goals.

When are SoulCup sign-ups open?

SoulCup sign-ups are open from Tuesday, October 15, 2019 at 12:00 AM EST to Wednesday, November 20, 2019 at 11:59 PM EST. You can sign up for SoulCup on our SoulCycle iOS app or on Do it, you know you want to.

How do I join the challenge?

Riders can sign up with the SoulCycle iOs app, or on (note: you’ll need the latest version of the app to participate!). Every rider must first register for SoulCup as an individual before joining or creating a team.

Where can I ride?

Everywhere! You can take a class at any combination of SoulCycle studios—see our full list here.

Does doubling or tripling count towards my total SoulCup goal?

Absolutely! Every class you take from October 22, 2019 through November 20, 2019 counts toward your SoulCup goal—doubles and triples included.

Do community rides count toward SoulCup?

Of course!

Do Missed Souls count toward my goal?

They don’t. You must attend the SoulCycle class in order for the class to count toward achieving your goal and towards reaching your individual and/or team goal.

Can I ride under someone else’s name or account?

No—all classes must be booked and taken under the account you used to sign up for the challenge.

Can I ride on more than one account?

Only classes you take under the account you register with will count toward your SoulCup goal.

How do I track my progress?

You can see your individual progress when you log in at or the iOS SoulCycle app. Just look for "SoulCup" in the "My Soul" section.

Can I see my teammates’ progress?

Yes! Just check your dashboard in the SoulCycle app to see your teammates’ progress.


How do I choose a charity?

When you sign up as an individual, you’ll be prompted to choose an organization before setting your individual goal. We’re so lucky to be partnering with some truly incredible organizations as part of this SoulCup challenge. Choose the cause that means the most to you—and the more you ride, the more we’ll donate. If you have any questions about an organization or their cause, please reach out to

Can I change my charity?

No—once you choose your cause during the sign-up period, you won’t be able to change your selection during the challenge.

How did SoulCycle choose these organizations to partner with?

We chose to partner with organizations that were important to our community—including many selected by instructors as part of our community ride initiative.

How do we designate a team charity?

When your team goal is completed, we’ll donate an additional $100 to your team captain’s charity. Questions? Reach out

Do all members of one team have to choose the same charity?

No. When you sign up as an individual, you’ll be prompted to choose your own charity. Members of your team do not need to choose the same charity.


How do I create or join a team for SoulCup?

After you’ve signed up for an individual goal, you can create a new team on the SoulCycle iOS app or join an existing team by code or invitation. A team can have anywhere from 2–10 members, but you must be on a team of 4 or more to be eligible for the $100 bonus donation.

How is the team goal calculated?

The team goal is the total of the individual goals of each team member. For example, if there are five riders on a team and each sets a goal of 10 rides, then the team goal would be 50 rides.

The team goal can be reached by any combination of rides during the challenge. Even if an individual doesn’t meet their personal goal, the team may still reach the team goal if the total number of rides matches up to the team goal.

For example, in a team with five riders who each have an individual goal of 10 rides (a team goal of 50 rides), each member does not necessarily have to complete 10 rides—the team can still reach its goal if one member does 46 rides, and the other four members take one class each. Yes, that’s a lot of math. But it works in everyone’s favor!

Do I need to join a team to participate in SoulCup?

Joining a team is not required to participate, but the only way to be eligible for the $100 bonus charitable donation is by joining a team of four or more riders.

What if members of my team are riding in different regions?

Totally fine! This is a global challenge—we’d love to see riders join from all over.

Can I join more than one team?

Unfortunately, no. Riders will only be able to join one team for SoulCup.

Can I leave a team?

Yes, you can leave a team at anytime. Go to the ‘My Profile’ section of your challenge dashboard and click ‘Leave Team.’

What do I do if my team captain disbands the team?

Keep riding as an individual, or find a new team to join! Your studio manager would be happy to help you.

When do teams need to be created and finalized?

SoulCup sign-ups will be open for the entirety of the challenge period.


What do I get for completing SoulCup?

Ride 5, 10, 20, 30, or 50 times in 30 days and you’ll receive the following:**

5 classes:

SoulCycle will donate $5 USD to your selected charity.

Earn 10% off of one 5-pack series of classes.

10 classes:

SoulCycle will donate an additional $10 USD to your selected charity (for a total donation of $15 USD).

Earn 10% off of one 10-pack series of classes and 10% off of one 5-pack series of classes.

20 classes:

SoulCycle will donate an additional $20 USD to selected charity (for a total donation of $35 USD).

Earn an exclusive SoulCup water bottle.

Earn 10% off of one 10-pack series of classes, and 10% off of one 5-pack series of classes.

30 classes:

SoulCycle will donate an additional $30 USD to your selected charity (for a total donation of $65 USD).

Receive 20% off our SoulShop for one month (see below for instructions on redemption).**

Earn an exclusive SoulCup water bottle, 10% off of one 10-pack series of classes and 10% off of one 5-pack series of classes.

50 classes:

SoulCycle will donate an additional $50 USD to your selected charity (for a total donation of $115 USD).

Earn a special-edition SoulCup tote bag and exclusive SoulCup water bottle.

Earn 10% off of one 10-pack series of classes and 10% off of one 5-pack series of classes.

Bonus Charitable Donation:

For every team of four or more riders that meets their team goal, SoulCycle will make an additional $100 USD charitable donation to the charity selected by the team leader at the time of team registration.

What if I meet my individual goal but my team doesn’t meet its goal, and vice versa?

If you meet your individual goal, but your team doesn’t meet its goal, you will still receive your individual rewards. However, your team will not receive the charitable donation bonus.

If your team meets its team goal, but you do not meet your individual goal, your team will still receive the charitable donation bonus, and you will receive the individual reward(s) that correspond(s) to the highest number of classes you complete during the SoulCup. See above for complete reward details.

**Please note: You’ll receive the reward(s) that correspond(s) to the highest number of classes you complete during the SoulCup! That is, if you take between 5-9 classes, you’ll still get the 5 classes reward. Similarly, if you take between 10-19 classes, you’ll get the 10 classes reward; if you take between 20-29 classes, you’ll get the 20 classes reward; and, if you take between 30-49 classes, you’ll get the 30 classes reward.

Depending on the number of classes you accomplish, SoulCycle will email you one or more promo code(s) within 45 days of the finish of the challenge period to purchase your class packs at the special price. The promo code(s) will expire 30 days after SoulCycle sends the promo code(s). The classes you purchase can be used as soon as they're in your account. The classes are otherwise governed by SoulCycle’s Terms and Conditions which can be found at To redeem the SoulCup merchandise you have earned please visit the studio you selected during the registration process and pick up in studio starting May 16, 2019. All SoulCup merchandise you earn must be picked up by June 30, 2019.

Questions or comments? Get in touch with us at

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