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SoulBeat FAQs

What is SoulBeat?

SoulBeat is a post-ride recap that shows how you connect with the music during your ride. It combines the music from your class with data from your bike to show you:

- Your Beat Match (a.k.a. how often you rode with the beat of the music)

- Stats like power and distance

- Your “rode home to” song

- Your Soul milestones (motivation for your 100th or 1,000th ride!)

Is SoulBeat available outside of NYC?

Not yet, but stay tuned!

How does SoulBeat calculate my data?

Every bike participating in SoulBeat has a discreet power meter on the crank. This meter will capture a power and cadence measurement within 2% accuracy!

Does the arms portion of class impact my SoulBeat stats?

Your Beat Match is not impacted by what happens during the arms series. However, if your instructor includes pushes during the arm section, we’ll include those in your power and cadence calculations.

How can I increase my power number?

There are three ways to increase your power wattage: add more resistance, increase your cadence, or both. While you increase your average power, try to also keep your Beat Match high.

What if I have more questions or feedback about my SoulBeat data?

We’re here to help! Let us know if you have any questions so that we can continue to improve SoulBeat for all riders.

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