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SoulAnnex: Everything You Need to Know

ou've seen the Instagram photos, walked past the NYC studio, and heard the rumors: SoulAnnex is finally here.

We’ve got big news!

We've always believed in the power of transformation that comes from our SOUL community moving together. So we've created something new for you — a way for you to change it up, change your routine, change your patterns, and change your mindset off the bike and on the floor.

Meet SoulAnnex.

Located in the heart of Flatiron, SoulAnnex will be home to custom-created classes taught by the SOUL instructors you know and love, so you can move, define, and align in a new way to complement your favorite SoulCycle rides.

We’re here to help you become the strongest, healthiest, happiest, most badass version of yourself.

At SoulAnnex, we find joy in movement, freedom in expression, and sanctuary in recovery. Because it feels good to feel good. Here's everything you need to know:

SoulAnnex is located at 32 W 18th St. in Manhattan. The studio will offer three modalities of classes, all taught by SoulCycle instructors. Check out the full schedule HERE and see class descriptions below.

MOVE. Feel the beat, embrace the rhythm, and experience how energy and momentum can take your workout to the next level.

DEFINE. Strengthen your core and sculpt strong, lean muscles.

ALIGN. Embrace the healing powers of active recovery.


Purchase a special SoulAnnex series HERE! Sign-ups start Monday at noon local time. SoulAnnex will open its doors for the very first class on Tuesday, October 3 at 7:00am.

We can't wait to see you at SoulAnnex!


Kendra: Cardio Kombat
Fight. Sweat. Feel the Beat. Set to a percussive soundtrack, Cardio Kombat features choreographed fight sequences inspired by MMA techniques. This high-energy class transforms your body and mind into fighting shape.


Emily T: EmBody
Sweaty. Empowering. Energizing. This class strengthens the body, creates power within, and frees the mind — all to an invigorating beat. This continuously moving class utilizes free weights, body resistance, and active stretching to lengthen the form.

Isaac: Torch’d
Pulse. Tone. Take control. Using body resistance, free weights, targeted repetition, and dance cardio, Torch'd creates an internal heat to fuel strength and tone all over.

Sydney: housework
Addictive. Efficient. Fun. Set to a pumping beat, on-tempo pilates meets high-intensity strength training and energizing cardio to take your flexibility and core to the next level.

Monique: RSM: HIIT
Reach. Motivate. Excel. Challenge yourself with circuits, drills, and heart-pounding cardio in Monique’s music-driven interval body workout. Set yourself up to be the strongest possible version of you.

Kendra: Total Body Burn
Powerful. Challenging. Uplifting. Conquer your fears through body-weight exercises and high-intensity intervals that will improve overall mobility, balance, and core and joint stability.

Charlee: Le SWEAT
Le Sweat™ is a full-body mat class incorporating all areas of exercise: strength, cardio, balance and flexibility. All movements include emphasis on fundamentals, core work stability, and mobility using body weight, dumbbells, and exercise bands. A challenging workout for all levels of athletes, expect overall increased body tone and to break one heck of 'le' sweat.


Laurie: The Link

This signature class is as much active recovery as it is heart pounding. The foam rolling and band work is designed to elongate, reshape and increase myofascial release. LINK is a great complement to any modality and will enhance not only your performance but provide increased mobility where a lifetime of activity has made us tight.

Noa: Reset

Reset is a 45-minute guided meditation class, led by Noa Shaw. This class offers a structured opportunity to escape the intensity of your daily life and enter a peaceful and tranquil environment. Noa will guide you to cultivate a mindset that will help you work through life's challenges and process your emotions in a grounded, more positive way. You will leave the class feeling recharged and will be ready to re-enter your day with renewed focus and perspective.

Charlee: Le STRETCH
Repair. Release. Restore. Le STRETCH™ is a 50-minute mat class that improves mobility and flexibility while calming the mind and soul. Lengthening body positions, lacrosse ball self-massages, and great tunes make this class a fun prehab for everybody, from athletes to desk warriors.

Sandra: The Finery
Inspire. Balance. Grow. This intense, yoga flow-based class adds weights and rhythm to sculpt, tone, and elongate your muscles. Show up ready to sweat and leave feeling strong and centered.

Grab a SoulAnnex series HERE and book your classes Monday at noon!


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