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SoulCycle in I Feel Pretty

Ready for our closeup? So are we. SoulCycle is in a movie!

I Feel Pretty hits the big screen this Friday, and the best part? We made a cameo! In the film, Amy Schumer falls off a bike in a SoulCycle class (don't try this at home) and finds her inner-confidence. We're beyond proud we helped her discover just how amazing she is, even with a minor injury involved.

We're celebrating with theme rides in a studio near you. And there'll be extra swag for you if you make it to one.
    • 4/16 TORONTO (KING) 5:30PM
    • 4/16 DC (WEND) 6:30PM
    • 4/17 NYC (BRPK) 5:30PM
    • 4/17 BOSTON (BCHL) 5:30PM
    • 4/17 BOSTON (DEDM) 6:30PM
    • 4/18 DC (14&U) 5:30PM
    • 4/18 LA (HLWD) 6:30PM
    • 4/18 SEATTLE (BVLU) 6:30PM
    • 4/18 NYC (W92) 6:30PM
    • 4/18 NYC (CHLS) 7:30PM
    • 4/18 MIAMI (BRKL) 6:30PM
    • 4/19 NYC (TRI) 7:30PM
    • 4/19 VANCOUVER (YLTN) 5:3)PM
    • 4/19 SAN DIEGO (LAJO) 6:45PM
    • 4/19 CHICAGO (LOOP) 5:30PM
    • 4/19 CHICAGO (OLTN) 5:30PM
    • 4/19 DALLAS (UTPN) 5:30PM
    • 4/19 NORCAL (CSTR) 5:30PM
    • 4/20 LA (SAMO) 1:00PM
    • 4/20 LA (DTLA) 5:30PM

Check out favorite scenes from the movie:

P.S. Wanna know a secret? We hear our bikes might make an appearance on the red carpet alongside Amy.

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