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Student Pricing FAQs

What is SoulCycle student pricing?
Undergraduate or graduate students enrolled in a US degree-granting college or university may be eligible for SoulCycle classes at a special, reduced rate.

Who is eligible for student pricing?
Undergraduate and graduate students enrolled in a US degree-granting college or university. Your enrollment status is verified through a third-party service called SheerID.

How do I get verified?
Click here or log in to your account and choose the student series you would like to purchase. Follow instructions to confirm your enrollment and once verified, you will be able to access SoulCycle student pricing on the web, SoulCycle app, or in the studio.

Do I need to get verified every time I purchase a series?
Nope! Once you get verified you are covered for the calendar year. You’ll need to get re-verified every calendar year.

Is it available at all SoulCycle studios?
Student pricing via SheerID is currently available for all US SoulCycle studios (except the Hamptons, seasonal, and pop-up studios) and is available manually in Canada and the UK. Student pricing varies per region, please read our Terms and Conditions for more details.

I recently purchased a series, can I get it adjusted to student pricing even though it is partially used?
Unfortunately, student pricing is not retroactive. We are more than happy to help you through the verification process so you can take advantage of student pricing on your next series purchase.

I’m having issues verifying my enrollment status online. What should I do?
Please email regarding any issues with the verification process.

Do you have student pricing in the UK and Canada?

Yes! For more information about UK student pricing, click here. For more information about Canada student pricing, click here.

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