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What's In Allison's Grocery Cart?

Which superfoods does instructor ALLISON SANTINI swear by? She gives us a glimpse inside her grocery cart and shares which healthy eats keep her energized...  

I was definitely rushing through the grocery store this afternoon but wanted to make sure I got some of my staples for the next few days! Here's what I got:

The first section I hit is produce: Color is key to my energy levels and mood on a daily basis. I grabbed:
* Berries
* Broccoli
* Carrots
* Brussel sprouts
* Avocados
* Kale and spinach blend
* Sweet potatoes
* Apples
* Bananas

I head to the deli to pick up a pound of Boar's Head turkey… I eat it pretty much once a day. Protein is key to recovery! 

I usually eat smaller meals more often, so I always get some whole grain and flax seed sandwich thins as well as some 'super seed' crackers I just discovered. 

I also grab some hummus to dip my veggies in (my go-to snack). 

Above all, I love KIND bars and peanut butter after a workout. Check and check. 20 minutes in, 20 minutes out. Cheers to health, happiness and FOOD! 

Catch classes with Allison at SoulCycle Coral Gables! Questions or comments? Email!
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