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The Top 4 Complaints One Nutritionist Hears Most

As a dietician on the Upper East Side I hear it all. Questions, funny comments, problems, you name it. I started my private practice B Nutritious almost 10 years ago and some problems are more common than others. I thought it would be fun to share some of the repeat issues I hear regularly and how we deal with them in my practice.

1. "I don't know how to cook, so I order in all the time."
I hear this one all the time. Some of my clients actually use their oven for shoe storage. While I’d love for all of my clients to be able to make some simple, basic, healthy and delicious meals, for some, it’s just not going to happen. Fortunately, these days, great meals can be just a phone call or an app tap away. Problem is, sometimes ordering in can lead to poor food choices. In my practice we can go over the menus of your favorite restaurants and make decisions together.  Stir-fry veggies with chicken or shrimp is always an easy delivery order or even a sushi order of salad, sashimi and one roll. My newest favorite obsession is a company called CookUnity. It’s a chef-made delivery service that utilizes farmers market finds, amazing quality meats and fish and is very affordable. Many of the dishes are healthy, and it’s great that you and whomever you are eating with can all pick different entrees and cuisines. This had made my job a lot easier lately both professionally and personally.

2. "I keep meaning to exercise but then work/life happens…"
This is where the beauty of booking your SoulCycle classes in the beginning of the week is very effective! I used to tell my clients to schedule their workouts like they were scheduling a meeting, and now with Monday noon booking it’s basically forcing you to do the same thing. Even if you’re not going to SoulCycle that day, schedule that time in your calendar and you’ll be less likely to skip it. I also find that morning workouts are less often skipped than evening workouts so if you find yourself skipping out on your evening classes, see if becoming a morning person helps you get there more often. A typical B Nutritious goal when it comes to working out? No more than two days off in a row. So if you work out on a Monday, then you must do some form of exercise on Thursday. This pretty much guarantees you'll work out three days a week.

3. "I know what I should be doing to lose weight but I'm just not doing it."
I would say every other new client that comes into my office says some sort of version of this. Yes, we’ve all heard of ways that other people have lost weight, or perhaps knew how to lose weight in college, but so often we don’t know what will work for us in that exact moment in time. That’s why it’s so important to work with someone like a registered dietitian who can make a customized plan that works for you and your lifestyle. I love getting to personalize a plan for a client and then have them come back and tell me it’s so much easier than they thought.  I also always suggest that my clients or anyone who is interested in eating healthier to keep a food diary. This lets you be your own nutritionist and take a glance on how you’ve been eating throughout the week and how you can improve it. A food diary is a very effective and free tool to help you reach your nutritional goals. 

4. "Every day starts off with the best intentions, but then by 3:00 PM, it's all downhill."
It’s like every morning is a Monday morning for some people: The diet starts each breakfast. Most often I see my clients setting themselves up to fail with their version of a diet so its no wonder why come 3:00 PM, you’re grabbing that handful of M&Ms or heading to the vending machine. The two main strategies to have here instead: Have realistic expectations and get ahead of your hunger. If you plan out your day in a way that’s legitimately achievable for you, then you won’t feel deprived. In addition, knowing 3:00 PM is a trigger hour for you, then it’s time to have that well-planned snack (apple and almond butter anyone?) at 2:30 in the afternoon to get ahead of your hunger. This all sounds so simple but it’s a plan that when put into action simply works.

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