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The Pre-Workout Food That Fuels Your Workout

ooking for a snack that will power your sweat sesh? New research shows how bananas — a fruit basket staple — add an extra energy boost that can keep us dancing all class long…

Journal of Proteome Research shows that snacking on a banana or a pear before hitting the gym increases energy and speeds up muscle recovery.

The study focused on males consuming bananas, pears or water before cycling a high-intensity 75 kilometers after fasting overnight. Those who consumed bananas performed 5 percent better than those who just drank water. Pear-eaters cycled 3.3 percent faster. In addition, consuming these fruits increased muscle recovery time by about 50 percent (48 percent for banana eaters, and 52 percent for those who ate pears).

So what makes bananas and pears such powerful fuel for the body? While sugar gets a bad rep, the glucose (and fructose and sucrose) in pears and bananas jets through your body quickly — much like a sports drink — but is also loaded with potassium, vitamin C and complex carbohydrates, making it even more effective than drinking electrolytes from a bottle.

Make sure you grab a piece of fruit before you clip in with the roosters or snack midday before your after-work tap backs to keep your energy up and your recovery quick. Looking for a quick and healthy recipe? Check out Drew B.’s favorite smoothie recipe, which is chock-full of cleansing citrus, good-for-you greens and healthy fats to nourish your mind, body and SOUL!

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