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6 Late Summer Cocktail Recipes From Your Favorite SoulCycle Instructors

ummer may be winding down, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have one last hurrah — cocktail in-hand!

We asked some seriously amazing SoulCycle instructors to reveal their secret speciality drinks and how you can make them at home. If you want something spicy, light, deadly, or even virginal, check out your must-try end of summer cocktails, ahead.

If you want something with a kick… try SUNNY MAE’s Spicy Paloma.
“Simple. Easy. Not full of extra calories. Won't make you feel too guilty the next day.”

Fresh grapefruit juice
Jalapeno simple syrup made with agave nectar
2 oz. tequila

Mix all ingredients in a shaker over ice. Shake vigorously, strain, and pour over ice.

If tomorrow’s your skip day... try JENNA’s Long Island Iced Tea
“It tastes like summer and reminds me of home. This cocktail may give you a bit of a hangover, so I wouldn’t try this the night before you have to Rooster!”

½ ounce vodka
½ ounce gin
½ ounce tequila
½ ounce light rum
½ ounce fresh lemon juice
½ ounce triple sec
1 teaspoon superfine sugar
Splash of coca cola
Lemon wedge

Directions: Pour all liquids and sugar into a shaker with ice. Shake vigorously, strain, and pour over ice. Serve with a lemon wedge.

If you still want to double tomorrow... try FRANCESCA’s Club Fit
“It is literally the perfect drink to sit and chill by the pool with! Not much sugar, which means less guilt and no hangover!”

2 ounces organic cucumber crop vodka
Splash of St. Germain
Muddled cucumbers

Directions: Add vodka, St. Germain, and muddled cucumbers to a shaker with ice. Shake, strain, and pour over ice. Top with seltzer.

If you booze isn’t for you... try ROGER's Virgin Pineapple Mojito
“Pineapple is one of my go-to favorite snacks. I love the idea of mixing a couple of those pieces with some lime juice. It’s really refreshing on a hot summer night.”

4-5 pieces of cut-up pineapple
4 mint leaves
1 tablespoon of lime juice
1/2 cup of grape juice
1/2 cup seltzer

Directions: Muddle the pineapple in a small bowl using a wooden spoon until the pineapple pieces are broken down. Add the mint leaves and muddle for a couple more seconds. Pour tasty mixture over ice then add the seltzer lime juice and grape juice. Stir and enjoy!

If your motto is “rosé all day!”... try ELYSSE’s A Pop of Rosé
“You might as well be on a bougie rooftop lounge! It’s super simple but tastes delicious and is Instagram-worthy.”

Rosé (Whispering Angel, DUH.)
Popsicle (Outshine Fruit bars are my fave: low in calorie and natural ingredients make you feel better about the sweet treat!)

Directions: Combine the two in your favorite wine glass. That’s it!

If you rode hard this morning... try ERIN L.’s Watermelon Tequila
“I love watermelon juice and it actually helps repair muscles.”

1 Juice Press Watermelon Juice
2 ounces Don Julio Blanco Tequila
Muddled lime

Directions: Combine liquids over ice and stir. Enjoy!

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