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The 7 Best Foods To Eat Before SOUL

xactly what you need to fuel up before you clip in.

Food is fuel, and when it comes to getting ready for SOUL, that fuel is vital to a kickass workout. But what exactly should you eat to have your best class yet?

“The body needs carbohydrates to fuel the muscles to perform,” says Mary Jane Detroyer, a dietician, nutritionist and personal trainer in New York City. Carbs will keep you tapping it back like a pro through even the sweatiest classes.

The best pre-SOUL snacks?

Fruit. Apples, bananas, blueberries — it doesn’t really matter what kind of fruit you eat, as all are rich in carbs. You can also eat it with a little peanut butter, or a small handful of nuts!

Yogurt. Detroyer recommends reaching for regular yogurt before you sweat. It’s higher in carbs, while Greek yogurt is mostly protein.

Cereal. Just a small bowl, with some milk, will do. Stay away from super sugary options, like Lucky Charms or Fruit Loops, as well as ones that are high in fiber. Eat a whole-grain variety, like Cheerios, instead.

Cheese and crackers. Again, go for whole-grain options, like Triscuits. Pair a handful of crackers with just an ounce of cheese, as eating too much before class will slow you down, Detroyer says.

Pasta. A small bowl with some cooked veggies has just enough carbs to carry you through your workout. Rice or quinoa are good options, too! And in the fall and winter, she says, cooked winter squash, butternut squash or pumpkin are great mix-ins as well.

Oatmeal. A cup of plain oatmeal will likely be enough to get you through a class. But you can also add a few banana slices or a handful of sliced almonds on top!

Whole-grain bread. A slice of whole-grain bread is packed with the carbs your muscles need. Add a little cheese or almond butter if you want some protein.

It’s best to eat 30 minutes to an hour before a workout, Detroyer says. That’ll give you enough time to digest, and for the carbs to be absorbed into your bloodstream.

As for what to avoid before class, she says to stay away from foods with a lot of fat, refined sugars, too much fiber, and high-protein snacks. You also don’t need much for a 45- or 60-minute class, she warns — you don’t want your food to slow you down. Get that fuel and turn it up!

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