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Instructors Reveal Their Essential Foods

Which foods do Soul instructors eat every single day? We asked 14 of them to share the daily staples they swear by…

I always, always have blueberries every single day.

I have “smoothie-time” every day! Smoothie-time is a smoothie consisting of frozen strawberries, a banana, almond milk, and Vega protein. Post-blend I add granola, almonds and a scoop of peanut butter. Yum-yum in my tum-tum! By making my own smoothie, I know exactly how much of what is going into my body. For example, the PB Acai Bowl at Juice Generation — while delicious, isn’t entirely nutritious! 

Avocados! They go with everything, are full of tons of vitamins and minerals and happen to be seriously amazing in California.

I love cheese! I recently started dabbling in a vegan diet but will occasionally allow myself goat cheese, which has 1/3 less calories and fat as other cheeses, and is easier for the body to digest, but still with all the calcium and other nutritional benefits. Yum!

Everyday I try and eat something green. Whether it's kale, lettuce, Brussels sprout, string beans, etc. Green vegetables have a lot of vitamins, fiber, and are alkaline which helps boost your immune system and increase your energy. 

The one food I must have every day is a piece of dark chocolate.  I love chocolate and have a sweet tooth.  It's key for me to have something sweet after my meal so my body knows my meal is over.  I've found that a piece of dark chocolate does the trick; unlike milk chocolate (which I could eat an entire bar in one sitting) the dark chocolate satisfies my craving after just 1 square.  By the way, it's quite fun to taste-test different brands as well as various flavors: sea salt, orange, bacon — I can go on, but you get the idea.

I'd say every day I enjoy some type of salad. I crave the crunch, variety and feel-good feeling afterwards! 

I love apples! I keep at least one in my bag at all times... Quick, easy, and keeps the doctor away. Or so I hear...

I eat a lot of popcorn. Maybe not EVERY day...but definitely most days. I do a lot of snacking since I sit at my desk all day and air popped popcorn is my least-guilty option.

Lately my daily must have has been a packet of Arrowhead Mills Organic Oatmeal with flax. Fast and easy to eat on the go, I'll put it in a to go cup as I head out the door, or even make it at Soul between classes. A little sweet, hot and very satisfying! Egg whites are also a must! I keep hard boiled eggs in the fridge to grab on the go, love them in a salad, or when I am lucky enough to hang with the girls at the bagel store in Roslyn, scrambled on a sugar-free bagel! 

AVOCADO! Chock full of healthy fats, rich, awesome texture, filling, and cooling, I love everything about avocados and how they make me feel! Squeeze a bit of lemon juice on top and sprinkle some sea salt and you have the perfect snack!

On a daily basis I like to incorporate some sort of protein in my meal or meals. Even though it's not a food, a protein shake does really well. Also go with chicken or a protein bar (I love Quest bars because they are gluten-free and made with stevia extract so no sugar. I never like to eat anything that is going to weigh me down or make me tired/unmotivated. Always stick to what could energize you and fill you up at the same time. 

Quest double chocolate chunk bars and Hu paleo bread rolls.

Mung beans! They are a superfood. I would eat them for every meal if I they travelled well! (When they spill in your bag it's not a good look...) They are good for skin and anti-inflammatory, and they give me the energy that I need everyday. An uber-complex, complex carbohydrate… they are amazing!

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