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How Instructor Bevin Prince Transformed Her Diet

efore SoulCycle, I didn't really think about what I ate. Always on the go, I grabbed whatever I could, whenever I could. A typical day consisted of a muffin the size of my head for breakfast, a bagel with cream cheese for lunch, and some fish and rice for dinner.

One day I was on the bike and I got extremely light-headed and had to stop. Although I was consuming calories, they were not calories that were sustaining me and I simply was not eating often enough. I had to get serious about how I was fueling my body.

Change, of any kind, can feel overwhelming. So, I decided to break it down. First, I made a list of what I wanted to accomplish: I wanted to feel strong, light, energized, full, all without sacrificing taste. Then I made a list of small things I could do in order to get closer to my big goal: research food, try different combinations of food and times that I was eating, and eat more often.

Compartmentalizing is the key. I knew that this goal was not going to be achieved overnight; it was going to take a lot of trial and error, patience, preparation, forgiveness, and kindness. Above all, I knew I had to take it one day at a time.

My best piece of advice when making changes is to remember that big change comes from making small choices. Never try to fix past "mistakes;" it will send you down a shame spiral and never get you where you want to go. Make small choices in the present moment and move forward.

Here is what works for me today:

One piece of whole grain toast, a piece of cheese, 1/4 of an avocado, and two eggs. I like to eat and sleep a lot. Knowing that I am going to wake up to a hearty, delicious meal in the morning helps me get out of bed. Don't judge.

Justin's Almond Butter and a Fuji apple. My name is Bevin and I am addicted to almond butter. I had to find the perfect apple to complement the elegant and smooth almond butter, and the Fuji apple came in like a white knight: crisp, reliable and perfectly sweet. What a lad.

I've learned that in order to keep our bodies working efficiently, we should eat a carb and a protein within 30 minutes of riding. This snack requires zero preparation and is a perfect on-the-go, post-ride snack.

Dig Inn in the West Village is my go-to lunch spot with farm-fresh, local and delicious ingredients. I usually get arugula topped with wild salmon, a seasonal quinoa salad, Sicilian roasted cauliflower with chickpeas, and ginger black tea. It is so good, quick and around $10 a meal. Can't beat it.

More salmon and farro with charred broccoli, dried cranberries and pecans. This is a dish an old roommate of mine showed me and it is quick and easy to make, filling and, above all, delicious.

Do I sometimes still eat muffins the size of my head? Heck, yes.

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