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Fridge Tour with Olivia Amato

Which foods does NYC instructor OLIVIA AMATO swear by? She gave us a peek inside her refrigerator and shared three of her go-to recipes...

My fridge essentials:
I like to keep my refrigerator as colorful as possible! Right now, I have the following things stocked:

• Whole Foods almond butter 
• Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Breeze almond milk  
• Chia seeds 
• Fage 2% Greek Yogurt 
• Avocados 
• Egg whites 
• Gluten-free/paleo bread from HU kitchen on 14th Street 
• Quinoa gluten-free patties from Whole Foods 
• Hilary’s Black Rice Veggie Burgers  
• Kale 
• Low-fat feta cheese
• Fruits (whatever is in season) 
• Bananas 
• Apples 
• Strawberries
• Blueberries 
• Oranges
• Pomegranate seeds 
• Tomatos 
• Dates
• Veggies 
• Zucchini 
• Squash
• Spaghetti squash
• Eggplant
• Broccoli
• Carrots 
• Sweet potato 
• Bell peppers (orange are my favorite!) 
• Spinach 
• Cucumber 
• Brussels sprouts 

And in my cabinets:
• 100-Calorie Chia Bars 
• Dried cherries 
• Coconut Oil 
• Coconut flakes 
• 100-Calorie Almond Packets from Trader Joe’s 

Keeping healthy, colorful food in my kitchen makes it easy to create quick and easy meals that fuel me. Below, I have three go-to recipes! 

Breakfast: Overnight Chia Pods 
I put 3 Tablespoons of chia seeds (already) soaked in vanilla unsweetened almond milk from the night before, and then I layer 1 tablespoon of Trader Joe’s almond butter, 3 tablespoons of Udi’s Gluten Free Granola (found in my pantry!), a tablespoon of dried cranberries, a few pomegranate seeds, a pinch of coconut flakes and 1/4 of a banana, sliced! It is filling and tasty :) 

Lunch: Peanut Butter Smoothie 
Toss two scoops of Source Organic Peanut Butter Protein (again, found in the pantry), 1/2 frozen Banana, 1 cup vanilla unsweetened almond milk, two dates and a dash of cinnamon in a blender, then enjoy!

Dinner: Breakfast for Dinner!
I know it’s weird, but I LOVE to eat breakfast for dinner! I usually cook up an omelet that consists of four egg whites, avocado, feta cheese, tomato and spinach! 

Catch classes with OLIVIA A. at TriBeCa19th Street and Union Square. Want to ride? Grab a series HERE and book a bike! Questions or comments? Email!


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