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Instructors Share Their Coffee Hacks, Habits And Strange Orders

here are only two great loves in life…SoulCycle and a delicious cup of coffee. Sure, we love matcha and tea, but nothing can replace the taste and ritual of enjoying a latte or espresso. And hey, it's a healthy habit: Coffee has been linked to increasing your class performance and post-workout recovery. (As if you needed another reason to start brewing.) We asked SOUL instructors to share their coffee secrets — the good, the interesting, and the extra hot.


How many cups of coffee do you have in a typical day: 1…in the morning around 7:00 or 8:00 AM, about 45 minutes to an hour before I teach class. If it’s been a day, I’ll grab another in the early-to-mid afternoon.

Coffee cutoff: 5:00 PM

Your go-to coffee order: I keep it simple. My go-to is drip coffee, black. I don’t add sugar or milk because I’ve just gotten used to the taste.

Favorite local coffee shop: Right now it’s Tully’s because it is literally right next to my apartment. It’s a running joke at my studio in Bellevue because they look down upon my coffee choice (those coffee snobs!), but I love it and the people are so friendly there.

Weirdest coffee habit: I’ve mixed packets of hot chocolate into my coffee at home and it was honestly delicious. I have weird eating habits in general so I’m down to try most anything.


How many cups of coffee do you have in a typical day: 1 to 2. Before I became a SoulCycle instructor, I would easily drink 3 to 4 cups a day. I've noticed a shift though in my reaction to caffeine. I've become more sensitive so I drink a little less coffee.

Coffee cutoff: Since I'm more sensitive to caffeine than I used to be, I would say 3:00 PM…though that's still kind of pushing it. I had a single espresso the other day around that time before my early evening class, and it actually made me feel a little out of whack. I wish I had opted for tea instead.

Your go-to coffee order: When I make coffee at home, I keep it simple with a French press. If I'm at a coffee shop, I love a latte with whole milk, or an iced coffee if it's warm out.

Favorite local coffee shop: I teach in Williamsburg a lot, so one of my favorite spots near the BURG studio is Toby's. They have incredible coffee, and if I have time to sit, it's a really cute spot. I also teach at NoHo, and right across the street is La Colombe. The coffee is the bomb dot com and the shop gets so much natural light—it's great to take a seat, sip on my latte, and eat a croissant post class.

Coffee habit: I'm a sucker for creamy coffee! I love using whole milk. I don't need any sugar in my hot coffee, though I do love a little bit in my iced coffee.


How many cups of coffee do you have in a typical day: 1! If one cup can't be magic, there something wrong with my choice. I’ll have my coffee in the morning only within the first 30 minutes of when I wake up. It's something I look forward to every morning.

Coffee cutoff: Only the 1 cup in the morning. I don't drink coffee in the evenings, even after dinner, because it will keep me up!

Your go-to coffee order: I do a house drip or an Americana + a cube of ice. Nothing else. The ice is just so it will cool a bit so I can drink it without waiting five minutes with the lid off for it to cool down. I drink the same orders regardless of where I'm at BUT When I’m at home I only French Press and here's how I do it.

Favorite local coffee shop: You will find me at La Colombe primarily or Bluestone Lane. My favorite coffee shop is based on them having the perfect roast for me and a great friendly unpretentious crew. I mean seriously I don't want to wait 20 min for a specialized pour and feel I should genuflect before I receive it.

Coffee Hack: Freeze extra coffee into cubes for cool drinks or even to cool my coffee if it's too hot.


How many cups of coffee do you have in a typical day: 2 — one espresso in the morning before my rooster class, and a regular cup of coffee around noon or 1:00 PM.

Coffee cutoff: 4:00 PM. I try not to drink any type of caffeine after this time because I am realizing I'm becoming more sensitive to the caffeine the older I get.

Your go-to coffee order: Typically it's an iced or hot Americano from good ol' Starbucks.

Favorite local coffee shop: If I'm down in the beautiful South End of Boston I like to go to my favorite off-the-grid coffee shop, Render Coffee, and get a latte.

Coffee Tip: When I want a sweeter coffee I'll use raw sugar and ask for almond milk.

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