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27 Healthy Staples Instructors Always Buy at the Grocery Store

hich foods always make it into your supermarket cart? Our instructors revealed the essential items they always grab when they’re shopping…


I always buy 2% Greek yogurt and bananas. I can eat them before class to fuel me (I teach 3 Rooster classes, so eating beforehand is hard), or after class to re-fuel.


Apples. I still live by the old mantra "An apple a day keeps the doctor away" but they are also my go-to in between workout snack or when I have a little more time I team them up with peanut butter for some added protein.

Eggs and butter!

Bananas. Every. Single. Time.

I always buy Gatorade and Macrobars every time I am in a bodega or grocery store.

I always buy the little individual packs of almond butter by Justin’s! Perfect pre-class snack and they travel well!

Butter and cookie dough. #fitnessprofessional

Avocados! I never leave the grocery store without buying them! They're perfect for sandwiches, toast, guacamole and the list goes on!

Avocados. ALWAYS.

Sandwich supplies: Turkey, cucumber, tomato, spinach, Mayo, Swiss cheese, avocado, whole grain bread, also peanut butter & jelly, etc. Also, power/protein bars! Kind bars, Cliff bars, Quest bars, etc. Great for on the go fuel - before and after class.

One food I always buy at the grocery store: bananas.

I always buy Fage 0% yogurt and honey!

I always buy milk and bread at the grocery store — I'm clearly dating myself.

I always buy almond/cashew unsweetened vanilla milk — I can't live without it!

Bananas and Wheat Thins!

I ALWAYS buy Eat Smart vegetable medley and carrot sriracha hummus- it's my favorite "go-to" snack.

I always buy eggs. I boil the half to eat between classes during the week. The other half I simply scramble for breakfast with an avocado. Or sauté and put it on top of ezekiel toast for a healthy breakfast. I love doing this after my roosters.

EGGSSSSS I can't eat eggs with anything at anytime of the day!

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