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Studio Spotlight: Santa Monica

This Saturday, we're shining the spotlight on the sunny crew at Soul Santa Monica. Learn more about these happy, hungry rockstars...

From left: Tara Deadrick, Katie Masters, Hunter Parrish, Elane Roepke, Heather Peggs, David Zint, Iris Carmina, Caitlin Grams... and special "guest" Harry Styles! 

Words that best describe your team... 
Crazy, sarcastic, laid-back, passionate, silly, sassy, resilient, FAMILY. Working by the beach means our community's vibe is very zen - we are a perfect complement to SAMO because we bring the crazy! 

Motto you live and work by... 
What's for lunch? :) Our team loves to eat, so much of our time is spent planning our next meal together. 

Favorite time of the day... 
10:30 a.m. is our witching hour - we start getting weird. That's when the masks/costumes/faces come out.  We love to sing, to dance bomb, to dance in the lobby, to dress up - look out Beyonce, SAMO brings the FUN.

Proudest moment... 
Getting to the point where our AC system doesn't control every moment of our lives (THANK YOU SAM MOORE!) 

Secret to your Soulfulness.. 
Not taking ourselves too seriously! Making every moment FUN. Taking care of each other and our community! Having our team, our instructors and our riders call us family on a daily basis is the highest compliment. 

What fuels you...
SAMO is fueled by coffee, kombucha, FOOD, sweat, puppies and LOVE. Yup, yup, alright! 

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