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Studio Spotlight: Marin

Get to know the warriors that keep the cardio party going at SoulCycle Marin — all while having a great time themselves…

NAME: Sarah “Fergie” Ferguson, Studio Manager

What's your favorite food?
White carbohydrates, preferably with butter

Favorite part about working at SoulCycle?
Getting to work with my favorite people every day. 

NAME: Jessica "Jandy" Anderson, Assistant Studio Manager MC

When I'm not at SOUL, you can find me...
Planning my wedding! It's in two weeks.

Favorite part of working at SoulCycle?
The people. My staff are so crazy and I couldn't love them more!

NAME: Katelyn Morello, Key Holder
HOMETOWN: Long Beach, CA

Favorite song to tap it back to?
Anything Justin Bieber —- Where Are U Now! 

Favorite part about working at SoulCycle?
Cutting gum packs and restocking them in order.

NAME: Tessa Altshuler, Front Desk
HOMETOWN: San Anselmo, CA

Besides SOUL, what are your other hobbies/passions?
Corgis, messy buns, Fergie. 

Favorite part about working at SoulCycle? 
My co-workers are the funniest/best group of weirdos. 

NAME: Olivia Poretz, Front Desk
HOMETOWN: San Anselmo, CA

Tell us about your first ride?
I don't remember. I think I blacked out.

Favorite pre- or post-SOUL snack?
Banana... If I have food in my house.

NAME: Tin Toribo, Front Desk
HOMETOWN: South San Francisco, CA

Rooster, midday or nighttime class?

Favorite part about working at SoulCycle?
Working alongside the weirdest staff ever, but I wouldn't change a thing! #martlyfe

NAME: Jess Adams, Front Desk
HOMETOWN: Maryland

Tell us about your first ride...
Horrible. I ended up in the parking lot throwing up.

When I'm not at Soul you can find me...
In my bed sleeping like a boss.

NAME: Maddie Lewis, Front Desk
HOMETOWN: Larkspur, CA

What's your secret talent?
I know how to relocate a dislocated shoulder... Wilderness style.

What brought you to SoulCycle?
Myself, wandering around the mart.

NAME: Kate Mattimore, Front Desk

Quote or mantra you live by?
I am Beyonce always. - Michael Scott

What's your favorite food?

NAME: Haily-Jo Speakman, Front Desk
HOMETOWN: Petaluma, CA

What brought you to SoulCycle?
Vanessa Hudgens’ Instagram.

Favorite song to tap it back too?
Anything One Direction. #fangirl

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