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Soul Team Spotlight: Greenwich Cleaning Crew

SoulCycle Greenwich has a dream cleaning team, says studio manager HADLEY ROGERS: “SoulCycle GWCH is an amazing place with vivacious energy! The cleaning staff plays such an important role with this energy and they bring so much joy, liveliness and spirit to this studio. This group of individuals constantly has us smiling ear to ear, and we are always having a laugh with them. Their style is part of who they are, and what makes them such rockstars! I don't know what I would do without this group! They truly mean so much to me and to every single staff member here.” Check out a few facts about this incredible team… 

NAME: David Rones
HOMETOWN:  Port Chester, New York
FIRST RIDE AT SOUL: Rye Brook with Jaidus
FAVORITE QUOTE: "Ain't nothing to it but to do it." — Martin Payne
DESCRIBE YOUR SOUL STYLE: Swaggy. I like to mix a little yellow with the grey... a little yellow with the red.  
BEST PART ABOUT WORKING AT GWCH: The atmosphere. Everyone is always cheery.

NAME: Jose Gudino
HOMETOWN: Port Chester NY 914 Stand up!!!!
FIRST RIDE AT SOUL: Amanda K. in GWCH..... I was dead for the next week 
FAVORITE QUOTE: “My Attitude is that if you push me towards something you think is a weakness, Then i will turn that perceived weakness into a strength" — The G.O.A.T Jordan 
DESCRIBE YOUR SOUL STYLE: I embody everything I put on. 
BEST PART ABOUT WORKING AT GWCH: Being a part of that community is makes me get up every morning.

NAME: Eric Brand
HOMETOWN: Brooklyn, NY 
FIRST RIDE AT SOUL: My first ride was in July and I loved it. It was a really intense workout! 
DESCRIBE YOUR SOUL STYLE: Fresh, smooth… I love the 90s. That's my Era!  
FAVORITE QUOTE: Whatever doesn't kill you gets you stronger.
BEST PART ABOUT WORKING AT GWCH: I like coming to work and feeling appreciated. That's what drives me to love my job at SoulCycle: a great team and leaders that respect you!

NAME: Lavontae Mahoney
HOMETOWN: I was born and raised in Bridgeport, CT.
FIRST RIDE AT SOUL: The ride wasn't easy, but it was amazing. Even to this day, that ride is one of my favorite "soul memories." 
FAVORITE QUOTE: My favorite quote will have to be from an anime I use to watch when I was a kid and it goes like, "If you want to know who you are, you have to look at your real self and acknowledge what you see." 
DESCRIBE YOUR SOUL STYLE: I'm very simple: shirt, jeans, and whatever shoe matches. 
BEST PART ABOUT WORKING AT GWCH: There are many things I love about working at SoulCycle Greenwich. My coworkers, managers, and instructors they're all great and amazing people. But what I love about working at SoulCycle Greenwich is we're like a family. From cleaning staff, front desk, key holders, managers, and even instructors, we're always here for one another. We always do the best we can to make each other feel happy and appreciated. Not once has my confidence has ever felt low working here at SoulCycle Greenwich. The more and more I come here, the more I feel motivated. It's not common to have people like this in your life, and I'm very grateful and lucky that I do; I could never forget any of them. 

NAME: Trevon Watkins
HOMETOWN: Portchester, NY
FIRST RIDE AT SOUL: Sam's Class in September
FAVORITE QUOTE: "Either you run the day, or the day runs you."
DESCRIBE YOUR SOUL STYLE: I like to wear casual-professional style clothing with sneakers
BEST PART ABOUT WORKING AT GWCH: The friendly co-workers.

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