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Meet the Soul Westport Warriors!

Our latest Studio Spotlight report is coming straight out of Westport: Get to know 11 rockstars who keep things rolling at this Connecticut studio ... 

Roniel Bencosme, Studio Manager  
Hometown: Hollow, NY (Home of the Headless Horsemen)
Quote or mantra I live by: Embrace the Suck 
Favorite SOUL moment so far: Riding the podium with my wife a few days before we got married last year. 

Studio manager Ronnie Bencosme and wife Amanda!

Alyssa Wintergrass, Assistant Studio Manager MC
Hometown: Stamford, CT
Favorite SOUL moment so far: Ryan P. played Jessica Simpson in his class on my birthday. To know me is to know I am Jessica's biggest fan so this was a major life moment for me as well as a major SOUL moment. 
My first ride: It was in Greenwich with my friend Michelle just over two years ago. I expected to not enjoy class since I was not into "group" fitness but left completely hooked! 

Courtney Cahill, Assistant Manager in Training, OPS 
Hometown: Ridgefield, CT
When I’m not at SOUL, you can find me: On a Tinder date. 
Favorite SOUL moment you've had so far: 100 Minute Ride with Stacey Griffith in April 2014. I walk out of her class feeling like a changed person every time but this was my favorite because of the added challenge. 

Hayley Bauer, Keyholder 
Hometown: Cheshire, CT
Secret talent: I am fluent in sign language. 
Favorite part about working at SOUL? My SOUL Fam!

Catey Condit, Keyholder 
Hometown: Fairfield, CT
Favorite song to tap it back to? Anything by One Direction! Liam, if you're reading this, come to Soul WSPT!
Favorite food: Bacon, egg and cheese with hot sauce 

Silke Davies, Front Desk
Hometown: Fairfield, CT
When I'm not at SOUL, you can find me: On the beach or somewhere outdoors! Anything that’s in the sunshine 
My first ride: It was in Greenwich on St. Patricks Day and we rode to an Irish playlist and everyone was wearing green. I found myself looking up the songs after I left class and instantly fell in love with the workout and the feeling I got clipping into the bike. 

Kelly Re, Front Desk
Hometown: Greenwich, CT
What brought me to SOUL: My friend Kaylee who works at the Greenwich studio!
Rooster, midday or evening class? Nighttime because I can't get myself to bed early enough to wake up but I'm working on it!

Amina Brown, Front Desk
Hometown: Stamford, CT
When I am not at SOUL, you can find me: Coaching high school cheerleading!
Favorite part about working at SoulCycle: The people! Working at a brand-new studio in a new SOUL community, it's been so amazing seeing the process of someone having no idea to what SOUL is and setting them up on their bike to being part of their daily obsession. Seeing the the riders grow stronger and more confident and our community continue to grow is an amazing feeling. I also couldn't ask for better people to work with, they make being at work at 5am so much fun! Love my #SoulFam!! 

Scarlett Sulliman, Front Desk
Hometown: Rye, NY
Favorite song to tap it back to: BEYONCE.BEYONCE.BEYONCE.
When I am not at SOUL, you can find me: Watching Netflix episodes of Revenge an pretending that I am apart of the cast 

Brigid Kenny, Front Desk 
Hometown: Manhasset, NY
What brought me to SOUL: My mom brought me to a class at the Barn six years ago and I have been obsessed ever since!
When I'm not at SOUL you can find me: At Fairfield University with my friend, co-worker, and lacrosse teammate Scarlett Sulliman! 

Dinna Sinn, Cleaning Staff
Hometown: New Haven, CT
When I am not at SOUL, you can find me: Being a mom to a handsome young baby boy named Isaiah. 
My first ride: It was the Westport staff ride! It was hard because it was my first time riding but after a couple classes I got the hang of it! 

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