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Inside the AM with Lily Miesmer

NY instructor LILY MIESMER gives us the lowdown on waking up for Rooster classes, refueling afterward, and kicking off her day with a SOULful mantra…  

First thing I do when I wake up...
Honestly? I'm not a morning person historically so my morning looks a little bit like "WHYYYY? for the first 30 seconds. Then I remember that I'm teaching and I start to get excited.

I can't start my morning without....
A really fantastic first song that I can't wait to play.

Favorite thing to do in the morning is...
Eat a large and tasty breakfast immediately after my morning doubles in the West Village.

My usual breakfast is...
Before class, nothing. In between 6:00 AM and 7:00 AM, a coconut water. After class, two poached eggs, frisee lettuce and bacon, whats up! Also Earl grey tea. Lots of it.

My go-to A.M. outfit...
All-black Nike.

Best moment of the morning is...
The minute the class starts.

Sunrise over the Hudson: In a cab on the way to the WV studio at 5:40 a.m.

My favorite morning music...
A good mix of dark and upbeat songs. I like to make the Rooster riders feel like assassins in the beginning of class and angels by the end.

How I prep for an AM class...
Gotta go with what another instructor Amanda Kamm says about this: Eat. Sleep. Ride. Repeat. Preach.

My current mantra is...
Make the decision and make it once.

Catch Lily's classes at Soul Scarsdale and Soul West Village! Questions or comments? Email!

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